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30 Most Popular Web Designs of 2015

It’s quite common to review the previous year once the new one is here, analyse the successes and mistakes and make plans for the next 12 months. So we decided to take a look back at year 2015, it was quite a great year for after all.

most popular web templates

20 Best Web Templates, December 2015

Last month we announced the new tradition – a monthly wrap-up of the best templates. So, in line with this new tradition I’m going to show you the best templates and themes of December 2015.

best templates of December

After You’ve Picked Your Template, How Do You Pick Your Host?

A template is just one of the many steps that go into creating a website or virtual experience. You may have the best visuals in the whole world, but unless your site is hosted by a server, your website won’t actually exist. It’ll just be an idea in your head, inaccessible to anyone else. That won’t do anyone any good.

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10 Most Unknown WordPress Mistakes You’re Doing

In order to craft your first website, WordPress is the best framework and it is also a well-organized CMS that is simple to use and work on it. Beginners are very compatible with WordPress as they can acquire huge support lend from online community while utilizing and expanding your website.


Top 20 Web Templates of November 2015

New design is a great call for making even more changes and starting new traditions. So, we are announcing a new tradition – from now on we will have a monthly column showcasing the best selling templates of the month. To start this new tradition I’ve prepared a round-up of 20 freshest and most sold web templates of November 2015.


best web templates of November


Learn How to Start a Site from Scratch with TemplateMonster’s Startup Hub

We are back with great news from TemplateMonster. A couple of weeks ago these guys announced the launch of their educational portal for web design beginners and startups that want to build their web presence without any extra help. Startup Hub was rumored to feature every piece of information that you will need on your way from a beginner to pro. This week, the project went live and is open for the public access.


Wegy and Styler Got Their 3rd Update

TemplateMonster keeps rolling out updates of its most popular, revolutionary Joomla and Prestashop templates. We were lucky to see how Wegy and Styler got revamped a couple of times each. Today we are back with the review of the features that the versions 1.3 of each of the aforementioned designs have included.


How to Be Productive When Working Outside the Office

Working from home has become one of major main-stream practices of the 21st century. Millions of people worldwide prefer to shift from office to a more habitual environment where they can relax and enjoy the moment.


Monstroid Child Themes You Can’t Pass By

Not so long ago we announced the release of TemplateMonster’s multi-purpose WordPress theme for everyone  – Monstroid. This is a great option for both web design gurus and those users who are only taking their first steps in the field. Coming loaded with a number of powerful features and plugins, the template boasts a breathtaking design that can be tweaked in so many ways.


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How Videos Helps in Driving Conversions and Traffic?

Videos have become hugely popular as their use is highly important for ecommerce. The product videos mainly have an amazing capability to enhance conversions and drive traffic by assisting users to value your products and offer the customers with better information about the products that you put forward them. Though this can be attained via the use of images, copywriting and user reviews, but videos play the most successful way of showcasing any products and its benefits to your customers and visitors.


Rethink the Way You Sell Online with Reebo and Asiko Prestashop Themes

Not so long ago TemplateMonster announced the release of 6 new Prestashop templates that were expected to bring a real revolution to the world of web design. Three of them have been already launched and dozens of avid Prestashop fans have put their hands on Style, Styler and QX. Now, it’s high time to take a closer look at what two new Prestashop designs have to offer.


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