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Factors to Check When Exploring Website Design Packages

With the uptake of the internet worldwide at an all-time high, it has become the obvious choice of marketers everywhere.

The humble website is the most critical aspect of any online business strategy. It contains all the information any potential customer will need about the business and more. For this reason, web design agencies have sprung up; they will cater to every website design need you might have.

Large Graphical Headers: When They’re Effective (and When They’re Not)

Large graphical headers have been a standard for website templates for more than a decade. If you perform a search for just about any keyword, you’re guaranteed to find the majority of websites have a giant, graphical header. You’ll also find a few that use giant videos in the header.

What Makes a Website Template Good or Bad? Is There a Reliable Formula to Follow?

Whether you’re remodeling your existing website or launching a new site, you need a good, reliable template. With literally thousands of choices, how can you know which themes are good and which are bad? 

How to Design & Build a Professional Dropshipping Website in 5 Simple Steps

With an estimated market size of more than $140 billion in 2020, the dropshipping industry is booming. Widely considered a more affordable and simplistic method of starting an ecommerce business, more and more average Joe’s are harnessing the dropshipping model to earn income online. In this simple guide, I’m going to show you how to design and build your own professional dropshipping website in just a few simple steps.

How to write a Graphic Design Contract

For anyone starting out as a graphic designer, the thought of drafting contracts and negotiating terms is something that doesn’t often cross the mind. For you to protect yourself, your business and your product, you must understand and write a contract. Similar to any other contract, a graphic design contract is meant to protect your interests during a graphic design job.

UseViral Review – The Top YouTube Service?

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and hosts over 2 billion monthly users.
No wonder millions of brands and content creators use it to drive their business.
But, as more and more people join the platform, users especially newbies face a tough competition from the established ones.

5 Top Web Development Trends for the Coming Year

Demand for web development services has increased dramatically since the beginning of the century. The market for web development services in the United States alone is worth over $40 billion. It has grown about 6.5% annually over the last five years.

Guide for Online Businesses to Start Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments

Cryptocurrencies are the newest addition to the global currency market, as Bitcoin was created over a decade ago. While Bitcoin took several years to gain even a semblance of acceptance among consumers, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular by the year.

How To Create A Good Real Estate Flyer

In a digital world, many of us forget that marketing doesn’t have to be exclusively online and through facebook channels. In the real estate industry, print marketing has long been a tried and true method for attracting home buyers and making sales. However, it’s not a matter of just putting together a quick listing of available properties and getting it placed in with weekly flyers.

The Blockchain Revolution

Much like the internet is derailing conventional brick and mortar businesses, blockchain is revolutionizing the conventional way data is recorded on the internet.

How does PPC work together with SEO?

For years, PPC and SEO have been viewed as two contrasting marketing strategies. Many digital retailers use them separately to boost conversion rates and generate more traffic to their sites. However, combining SEO with PPC is an effective and cost-effective way to improve a brand’s visibility. Optimizing your site using SEO improves your search engine ranking and generates organic leads.  PPC ads, on the other hand, provide a dynamic element to your marketing campaign by increasing click-through rates.

7+ Skills You Need to Be a Freelance Web Designer

Web design is often regarded as an easy profession that any student can master and do remotely part-time from home or campus. However, things are a bit more complicated. And while it’s true that one doesn’t need higher education to become a web designer, there are still lots of skills that a professional in this field has to possess. 

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