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Development Trends that Will Shape the Web in 2017 March 14, 2017

Website development improves with the different trends and changes each year brings with it. For those choosing to make a website, these trends can help put their website in the spotlight, and they can help improve others’ daily use of the Internet and technology. With all of the new technological advances, it’s no wonder that the website development has used different trends to keep up. The start of 2017 has brought with it a few website development trends that are projected to change the face of the web as it is known now. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and website development is advancing right along beside it.


A.I. for Development

Artificial Intelligence, or A.I., has begun to step into the spotlight within the past few years. What was once at the height of science fiction has become a reality in everyday society. A.I. is found on several different social media sites, including Facebook, but what if it were possible to use this A.I. to develop different websites? It is possible, and the use of artificial intelligence to develop websites is making way into becoming the norm for website developers. It is quite simple as well. The developer creates the content and lets the A.I. designer that is installed on the computer do the rest of the work.

The ability to allow the A.I. system to create the layouts and themes for websites, it allows developers more time to create meaningful and amazing content for these websites, making them more applicable to viewers. Does this mean that A.I. systems will help save developers time and energy? Of course! The A.I. can detect trends within the developer’s styles, which can then be used to create the perfect layouts, themes, and designs for the website developer’s content.

Internet and Appliances

The advancement of technology has brought about changes in everyday, household appliances. It can be seen everywhere; the Internet is being included into different appliances. These appliances—such as lights, thermostats, refrigerators, and even home security systems—have been developed to provide users with the ability to control things from their smartphones or even buy groceries directly from the refrigerator door. With all of these connections to the Internet, website developers need to create different ways for their websites to be seen throughout the home.

For example, if a consumer owns a smart refrigerator, and this consumer needs to make a grocery purchase, they will go to their door and scan for stores to shop. The website developer hired by the grocery company needs to ensure that their website can be seen on the smart refrigerator. This point is where the trend of smart appliances comes into play. Developers need the understanding of smart appliances to help develop their websites.

Screen Size

The rise of smartphones and tablets has been steadily growing over the past few years. This rise is continuing, growing higher and higher each year. With the importance placed on smartphones and tablets, website development has undergone a major chance to incorporate several mobile friendly websites. It might seem a bit presumptuous, but the rise of smartphones and tablets has completely changed the way that websites are now developed. This particular trend has been on the rise for several years now.

Most website developers will now start by designing a mobile-friendly version of their website just to ensure that consumers will be able to view the website from their smartphones or tablets. After the mobile-friendly website has been created, the developer moves to the laptop and desktop versions of the same website. Because of the emphasis on smartphones and tablets, a developer attempting to create a website will begin with a mobile-friendly site.

Graphic Types

There are a wide variety of graphic types—PNG, JPG, and even SVG. Each type has a certain amount of pixels, and they often look different on different size screens because of the pixelation. Because the mobile-friendly websites and the desktop websites differ in size, it can often be a chore for website developers attempting to add graphics. This problem is why developers have begun to use the SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics.

These graphics scale up and down in size depending on the screen size or website size. The SVG graphics don’t pixelate like the other graphic types do. This scaling of the photo is why the SVG type is the most chosen for current day website development. It allows developers to easily add graphics without worrying about the pixelation being messed up with the change in website versions.

Creativity and Originality

Every good website developer will be original. Website creation is the chance for the developer to showcase his/her identity on their website, and originality brings in more views and consumers. It is easy for a website developer to be creative and original when creating their website. For one instance, including custom fonts and steering clear of stock photos helps to make the website one-of-a-kind.

Any website developer knows that customized and original content, graphics, and themes on a website make that particular website one behold. By doing something that hasn’t been done before, developers make their website personal and unique. Videos, photographs, and even special fonts make a website special. These websites, unique and creative, are often the one most visited. This trend is one that has been up and coming for quite some time.


When someone wishes to make a website, the trends for website development can be useful. These trends are so important that it is almost like having a secret arsenal of website development tips that no one else knows about yet. By following the latest trends on the web, developers can create their websites to be unique and original. 2017 has brought about some of the most interesting trends for the web, and some are even amazing to behold. What was once thought of as science fiction, has become a reality in the website development world. Luckily, for those choosing to develop websites, these trends are a great way to ensure the success of their creation.

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