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10 Premium WordPress Real Estate Themes

No secret that real estate service is among the most popular and profitable ones. That’s why realtor companies and agencies that chose this kind of business have to come through the high level of market competition. Their services need to be of high quality and available from any corner of the world. It means that if your agency doesn’t have a website, you lose clients.

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Choosing a Well-Optimized Theme for Your Business Website. Essential Tips to Consider

Are you someone who’s looking for the perfect template for your WordPress site which you’ve recently created for business purposes? With the plethora of themes and templates available on the web, you must be worried about getting lost in the variety of offerings. In what ways can you find a reliable vendor who can provide you with whatever you’re looking for? WordPress is renowned for its high level of personalization and flexibility. The entire WordPress community has designed an array of extensions and plugins through which the projects of clients can shine.


How to Create a Successful Charity Foundation Site

Regardless of your charity, one of the most effective methods to raise awareness of your cause, attract sponsorship, and recruit volunteers is to establish an online presence through a website or social media platform. However, there are some important things to remember before embarking on the challenge.

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We’ve Cut the Prices by 40%. Hurry Up While the Deal is Still On!

You might have noticed a big change in the current prices on the store. That’s not a mistake, we are simply offering you an unprecedented opportunity to get every theme and template from our inventory with an amazing discount of 40%.


Top 20 Templates of May

We try to keep you always informed on the latest releases in our templates store. Today, we are glad to introduce you to our fresh selection of the top 20 templates of May 2016. The giant theme provider doesn’t stand still and keeps on updating its inventory with new cool ready-made designs all the time. All crafted as per the latest web standards, the themes are intended to save both your time and energy on web development yet provide you with the products that will make your sites shine on the web.


Securing Your WordPress Website

If you’re at all computer literate, you probably know that your computer’s cyber security is important. Whether you pay for an antivirus suite or used a free antivirus, you keep your antivirus up to date and run it regularly. You monitor your browsing habits, and make sure not to click on spammy links, avoid sketchy websites, and even clean your cache once a week. But if you think these habits are enough to protect your WordPress website, you’re wrong.


Web Design Trends: Responsive and Unique In 2016

Times are a-changin’ faster than ever, which makes keeping up with the latest trends a bit trickier than before. And when web design is in question, the current frenzy is even less likely to last. Besides, the website is the virtual employee buy-in of every business and whatever your chosen field of online work may be, it has to represent it in the most suitable manner – with efficiency, responsiveness and style.


What to Look for in Any Good Template

Businesses of all kinds are having to go DIY when it comes to a website. To do this right, without getting a degree in graphic and web design, most businesses look for ready-made templates with which they can make industry-standard websites, with little time, money, or previous experience. Not all templates are created equally. Don’t be wrapped up in the bright colors and trendy forms of just any old template site. If you want your online business to succeed, you’ll have to find a template that is compatible with your brand, preferably one that allows for modification down the road. If you can find this, while paying little to nothing for the thing, you’ll have done well. Here are a few things to look for.


The Best Themes of April

Welcome to the traditional monthly showcase of the most popular templates and themes. This showcase lists only the best web products according to you, our customers. You’ll find 100% GPL WordPress themes here, clean HTML templates, exceptionally designed eCommerce templates of various types and specializations and a couple of well structured landing page templates.


5 Benefits of WordPress

The static web page is dead – long live the content management system!

Hard-coded websites are quickly becoming a thing of the past. These days the CMS gives everyone the power to showcase their business services and manage their online presence, whatever their level of technical expertise. There are a lot of different platforms available, and for the CMS newbies out there the choices can be overwhelming.


How to Choose Gaming Sites Templates

The increased popularity of browser based gaming has seen a surge in the number of people venturing into the gaming sector.
If you are considering going into this niche, this piece takes a look at how you can choose the perfect template that will help drive revenue and subscriber growth.


Creating a Restaurant That Looks Good, Online and In Person

Restaurant branding is different than the branding of any other business. With a restaurant, people enter your brand and sit down, enjoying food, drinks, smells, and experiences which also contribute to your brand. Branding also happens from without, in the conversations that people have about your restaurant, and the web presence you develop. If you are creating a first website, it is important that the template you choose is compatible with the branding already established at your brick and mortar location. Get this one right, and you’ll have created a web experience that is compatible with your overall goals, and which will make you much more successful in the long term.


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