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5 Tips to Create a Successful One-Page Affiliate Site That Converts

If you want to build one page affiliate sites, you need to know how to best approach the design process and content structure before you even get started. Your goal should be to get the maximum exposure and results from the traffic generated to your site, while also providing a valuable service or product in the process. A one page affiliate website is also known as a squeeze page, but there are many ways to go about creating one — which is what we will be covering today.

6 Things to Consider When Developing a WordPress Theme

Many people opt for free WordPress themes and customise them. Some prefer to develop a unique WordPress CMS theme. Whether or not the theme is truly unique is another matter but there are developers and also webmasters who would not want to use a standard free theme available to millions of people around the world.

Web Design Services That Will Get Your Company Noticed

Ever wondered why your website doesn’t get the traffic you want it to? Maybe it has an old and and exhausted design. Maybe it’s not responsive. Maybe the content isn’t reaching top of Google’s search results. Maybe no one’s looking? With professional web design services from Direct Line Development, we can change all that so that your site gets noticed and your bottom line begins to grow.

Five Ways Technology Has Changed Banking

The wind of change that comes with technology has blown every sector and the banking sector isn’t left out. Over the years we’ve witnessed the banking industry move from manual form of operation to digital. Technology has placed banking less cumbersome that it used to. You no longer have to stand in long queues to make withdrawals or deposits with your ATM you can perform multiple transactions at a time. Enough of celebrating the invention of ATM, we’ve got other wonderful ways technology has changed banking.

What Things to Consider on Choosing Boots Related Templates?

Businesses are now spread throughout the digital arena. It doesn’t matter what product you are selling, conducting business on digital platforms has always been beneficial. But the thing that matters is efficiency and effectiveness of your platform.

Leveraging Multi-Channel Influencer Marketing to Build Engaging Content

Everyone knows that in order for a brand to have a strong online presence, it must present its audience with quality content that attracts their attention. Content needs to be original and relevant to what the brand’s audience is looking for. To keep things fresh and to maintain the devoted attention of the public, sometimes a brand needs to utilize outside sources, often in the form of social influencers.

6 Easy Steps to Integrate your Social Media into your Email Marketing Campaigns

Many small businesses don’t realize the importance of integrating their social media and email campaigns. But if you’re interested in growing your subscriber base, extending the reach of your email campaigns, and identifying your brand ambassadors, then this is the list for you!

8 Misconceptions About eCommerce

A lot of companies are missing out on huge profits. Is yours one of them?

eCommerce sites are often seen as complicated platforms that take a long time (and a lot of money) to launch.

Let’s look at these and other misconceptions you may have had about moving your business over to an eCommerce one.

Factors to Consider While Planning Logo Design Template

Visual representation of your brand identity is best accomplished with the help of an image and there is nothing better than a logo. While designing a logo can be thrilling, nevertheless, it requires a lot of careful planning to finally draw up one as you must remember that the logo you design should essentially reflect your brand values and not just the brand image.

25 Top-selling Website Templates for October 2017

The collection of the ready-made themes at is expanded with new cool and innovative solutions monthly. A number of blogging, portfolio, business and eCommerce designs created as per the latest web standards are uploaded to the gallery in order to give you the freedom of choice of the best ready-made solution for your own project.

Choosing a Website Template – Criteria to Consider

When selecting a template for a website, you have to think exactly like graphic designer would. Even though you are not a professional and you might not know a lot about composition, color pallets or other kind of elements related to this field, you will have to develop a visual sense and learn more about some aspects that could highly influence the way your future customers and actual customers perceive your website. Some people do consider the template of a website irrelevant and the content paramount.

Choose the Best Template for Your Online Store – How to Go About the Selection Process

You may not realize this but your web design is most often the determining factor for a number of customers. It is only through your design that your customer decides whether or not to buy from you. People may get scared by a broken web page and not only that, the trust and credibility of the website will also be tampered. When you have a faulty web design on your webpages, people may even think that you might as well process the orders with such similar errors.

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