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Stuck With Selecting a Website Template? Here are Tips to Help You

Stuck with choosing a template for your site? Are you overwhelmed with the plethora of themes out there? The truth is, selecting a theme for a web designing project can be quite a heck of a task. In fact, it is outrightly grueling, and we’re not supposed to be subjected to this evil.

Discover 4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Website Traffic

Looking back at the traditional business environment just a few years ago, it was almost impossible for small entrepreneurs to compete with huge and established corporations in terms of brand exposure and market reach. Before, only those businesses which can afford to fund and maintain a server have the capacity to put up their own websites and use them as a channel to interact with their customers. But with the emergence of shared hosting and social networking sites, small businesses now have the ability to connect with a larger consumer base and to market their products and services online. Just imagine how businesses nowadays can be able to reach up to hundreds of millions of people all over the world even with limited funding.

Is Your Website Catching People’s Eyes?

Running or designing a website can be an enjoyable creative process. But it also has to be a strategic one. Whether you’re running something as simple as a personal blog, or you’re hoping to grow a company, chances are you’d like to generate and maintain traffic. And while the content of your site has a lot to do with this, the most important factor is often how the site looks at a glance, or the message it conveys as it’s navigated. So how can you make sure your website is catching people’s eyes?

What Makes a Website User-Friendly?

There’s nothing more offputting than a confusing, badly organized website which makes it a chore to find and do what you want. In fact, with so many competitors in every niche these days, we would go as far as to say if your site isn’t user-friendly, you’re toast from the get-go.


3 Ways to Start Selling Your Expertise Through Your Site or Blog

If you have a website or blog that provides value to an audience, you are likely missing out on some additional monetization and revenue opportunities. A perfect example of this would be if you had an information or review based website and we’re simply running Google AdSense. Sure, you are getting paid every time someone clicks on these ads, but they are also leaving your site and you are likely only making pennies in the process.


Making Your Own Invoice Template – What You Should Know

An invoice is an indispensible part of any business, regardless of the size of the company. Even if you are self employed or a freelancer, an invoice can make your payments from clients streamlined and uncluttered.


Top-selling Templates for September 2017

September 2017 was really eventful. The web community has been finally introduced to the new PrestaShop version and the more advanced opportunities that is brings to the eCommerce world. The release of the first PrestaShop 1.7 theme was not long in coming. inventory has been expanded with a number of themes compatible with the latest PrestaShop version, as well as stunning blogging, business, portfolio designs compatible with the most popular web engines. In the compilation presented below, you can find 30 of the hottest web design releases for September 2017. Let’s take a look.


Social Proof, Landing Pages, and the Secret to Sky-High Conversions

Anyone who tells you they have the formula for the perfect landing page is lying, but there are certainly some techniques and principles that have consistently provided a lift in conversions when strategically deployed.


Marketing an Event Successfully

Organizing and hosting an event can be complicated, time-consuming and worrying. Selling tickets, marketing the event beforehand and getting brands to buy into your event can all be quite overwhelming. But if you handle your organizing right, it should all go relatively smoothly.


Tips for Studying Website Design

As a web design specialist, you understand the importance of proprietary knowledge. If you have decided to further your education by earning a college degree in web design, and you currently work a full-time job, you may find it challenging to balance both.
However, with some planning and the right execution, you will be able to achieve your goal of becoming qualified in your industry. Being qualified will open up other employment opportunities for you and give you the ability to increase your income.


The Difference Between Responsive and Adaptive Design

In the field of web app development we see lots of those nuances, which still stay unclear for those people, who are interested in the creation of their own websites or apps. One of these nuances is the difference between two key web design approaches called adaptive design and responsive design. Till the day when the books “Adaptive Web Design” by Aaron Gustafson and “Responsive Web Design” by Ethan Marcotte were published, the arguments between the followers of these two different models became even hotter.


Selecting the Right Email Template – What to Consider

Prior to delving deeper into how to choose a template for email, let us find out what an email layout actually is. Also, known as email template, it is basically a layout that is “pre-determined”.
In fact, it might also contain images and text when it comes to content. The main advantage is that instead of creating a template for email right from scratch, you can use this layout as a “base”.


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