Organic Spotify playlist promotion is here to change the game!

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Organic Spotify playlist promotion is here to change the game! April 15, 2022

For any musician involved in the music business, becoming a star is a final destination. Modern realities change from day to day, and Spotify becomes less and less helpful when it comes to promoting young independent musicians. It is needed to constantly be sure of getting the best effect from each release. That’s why it’s important to look for new promotional strategies. Among all possible options, one stands out – organic Spotify playlist promotion.

spotify playlist promotion

Why is it so urgent? You see, every month some other option becomes more effective than the other. According to leaked data from Spotify headquarters, the leading role in 2022 was given to playlists. By placing a track in a popular playlist musicians will get twice the effect! Are you curious to find out how it works?

We all love playlists. It’s so convenient, easy, and comfortable to use. Playlists have changed the rules of the game. People are going mad about playlists. They’re everywhere. Open the main page of Spotify and you’ll see hundreds of them. Each one is better than the other. Why is it so? Playlists are the best way to listen to specific music. Whether you’re sad, you are looking for sad tracks. Asking Spotify algorithms won’t yield sufficient results. Song suggestion is a great feature but it has no soul. How can a computer determine which song is good and which one isn’t? Only by checking popularity markers.

Popularity markers? What? Is this some kind of a woo-doo spell? No! By saying “popularity markers” I mean numbers. The system just crunches numbers and makes a guess. Despite being perfect for short-term music listening sessions, it does not scale up very well. If you want to listen to the music for a long time and you’re extra picky, playlists are exactly what you need. Playlists are created by real humans, with emotions, and feelings. Robots are great almost in every way, but when it comes to satisfying emotional needs they suck.

With such fast growth of playlists, it would be foolish to ignore the possibility of attracting new fans to your audience. If Spotify allows musicians to increase their popularity by placing songs on playlists – you oughta use it! But how to do it? All playlists are private, and any editing is denied. Look for promotion services that offer playlist placement. Such companies own dozens of popular playlists, and for a relatively low price, any musician can submit their song. Why should you limit yourself only to what you already have? Always do more!

After a track appears in one of such playlists, it begins rapidly gathering traffic. Every person who opens a playlist sees this track, listens to it, and reacts to it. Good tracks get added to personal libraries, sent to friends, and relatives. The audience grows organically, in a completely natural way. That’s the best promotion you can get. For Spotify algorithms it will look completely natural, so no looking at you through a looking glass. Natural promotion will result in completely natural fame, earned honestly, with hard work.

No one can guarantee you instant contracts with music labels. Success does not come in one night. It would be wise to expect significant changes in your situation in approximately a week. If you’re able to prolongate promotion for longer – do it. The longer your music remains in playlists – the better. From a financial point of view, it is also very attractive. Spotify pays royalties, so a small investment in playlist promotion is likely to be paid in full and more. Don’t you want a popularity increase and money at the same time? You know what to do!

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