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5 Tips to Make Money from a PDF Downloading Website December 20, 2021

One of the best ways of making easy money online is to learn to leverage written material such as ebooks into cash via the use of the pdf platform on your website.

Make Money from a PDF


The pdf platform created by Adobe in 1993 is universally recognized as the single biggest multiplatform type file in the world.

As PDFs are completely free of copyright, anyone can create a PDF document, and all you typically need is a program like Microsoft Word or even the free Open Office, and you have the platform to make money.

No, PDFs won’t automatically make you money, but with PDF’s you are halfway there.

#1. Sell ebook PDFs and make a profit.

Since there is no expense to creating and distributing a PDF, one of the best ways of making money is by selling useful information.

For example, recently, there was a series of deadly tornadoes that left a trail of devastation in 6 states.

So obviously, people are sensitive to how to prepare for a tornado. Since most people are too busy running their lives, they would rather pay $5 or so for a free and extensive PDF on avoiding tornadoes, how to be safe in a tornado, and what items to have in preparedness and how to tell their children about tornadoes.

Trust me, right now, somebody is creating just such an ebook, using ordinary government statistics and information to help people prepare.

Note that all of this is relatively easy with a private rights pdf and using technology to Create PDF from C Library.

In actuality, any subject that people want to know about, from how to meditate to how to get into a good college, makes a good, sellable eBook.

#2. Use already prepared eBooks

Not a writer? Most of us aren’t. But believe it or not, there are literally thousands of eBooks that have already been written that you can obtain for free or almost free and turn around and sell.

No, you can’t buy for a couple of dollars or even for free and likely pass it off as your own work on Amazon. However, what you can do is buy private label ebooks that allow you to change the actual cover and actually claim to be the author of that 200-page book on cryptocurrency that you bought for $5.95 and are offering for $12.95.

True, you can’t claim to be the copyright owner, but you can pretty much do anything else in the book, including the time-honored use of offering the first book for free and then offering a second, more extensive book for $19.99.

#3. Get Sponsors

It costs many companies a lot of money to obtain the name of a genuine customer who will make them money.

Supposing you create or buy an ebook about the joys of retiring in Montana or some Beach Town on the Coast of Oregon.

Consider creating or buying such an eBook, and offering for a dirt-cheap price, say a dollar or less, but embed it with a coupon for Billy Bob’s million-dollar ranches in White Fish Montana or Millies Beach real estate in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Realize with private label rights PDFs, you are not restricted to putting one advertisement per pdf. It’s whatever the traffic will bear.

If you buy a book with private rights for $5 and get even 5 realtors to participate at $200 each, chances are this would be a good deal for the sponsors. After all, a single home sale or land sale may net them a profit of $50,000 or more.

Realtors, exotic hotels, fancy dining establishments, small airlines, and more are all potential customers.

#4. Affiliate marketing.

Creators of marketing schemes often go to Clickbank, a multi-million dollar enterprise that offers payment through Clickbank for people willing to buy courses and information.

While many Clickbank products only pay between $20 and $50, there are plenty of products that pay in the neighborhood of $300 to $800.

The very best way to get people to prescribe such products is to offer absolutely free information in the form of free a free ebook and then embed your affiliate link for the more detailed and expensive course several times in the book.

The total cost to you will still be minimal, perhaps $5 for the book, $10 for the domain name, and $5 per month for hosting the ebook to customers.

But if you make $800 per sale and only one customer signs up for the paid course, you will be well ahead.

#5. Design PDF’s for Others

If you have a flair for the artistic, you can charge up to $50 or more to prepare PDFs for other companies who have neither the time nor the technical know-how to do it themselves.

Once you know the skills behind it, you can do the job in minutes, whereas a newbie might spend hours trying to master the skills.

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