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Wegy and Styler Got Their 3rd Update

TemplateMonster keeps rolling out updates of its most popular, revolutionary Joomla and Prestashop templates. We were lucky to see how Wegy and Styler got revamped a couple of times each. Today we are back with the review of the features that the versions 1.3 of each of the aforementioned designs have included.


How to Be Productive When Working Outside the Office

Working from home has become one of major main-stream practices of the 21st century. Millions of people worldwide prefer to shift from office to a more habitual environment where they can relax and enjoy the moment.


Monstroid Child Themes You Can’t Pass By

Not so long ago we announced the release of TemplateMonster’s multi-purpose WordPress theme for everyone  – Monstroid. This is a great option for both web design gurus and those users who are only taking their first steps in the field. Coming loaded with a number of powerful features and plugins, the template boasts a breathtaking design that can be tweaked in so many ways.


Demo | More info

How Videos Helps in Driving Conversions and Traffic?

Videos have become hugely popular as their use is highly important for ecommerce. The product videos mainly have an amazing capability to enhance conversions and drive traffic by assisting users to value your products and offer the customers with better information about the products that you put forward them. Though this can be attained via the use of images, copywriting and user reviews, but videos play the most successful way of showcasing any products and its benefits to your customers and visitors.


Rethink the Way You Sell Online with Reebo and Asiko Prestashop Themes

Not so long ago TemplateMonster announced the release of 6 new Prestashop templates that were expected to bring a real revolution to the world of web design. Three of them have been already launched and dozens of avid Prestashop fans have put their hands on Style, Styler and QX. Now, it’s high time to take a closer look at what two new Prestashop designs have to offer.


Craft Logos Effortlessly with 10+ Free Online Logo Generators

A logo is the face of your company, this is your  major graphical presentation that anchors your company’s brand and becomes the most visible presentation of your organization within the target audience. With that being said, a company logo is the most important aspect of your business marketing, providing users with all the essential information about your brand, like colors, shapes, images, etc. making it easier for the online audience to identify you among competitors.

Unless you know how to work in the popular graphic editors, creating a brand logo can be a daunting task. Luckily, today you can find plenty of online logo makers with the help of which you can create the design of your dreams hassle-free. If you are self-employed or just plan to launch a startup project, than free online logo generators will be the best choice for you. Simple and intuitive in use, these will help you create your unique business presentation even without the need to login first.


LogoYes provides access to over 20,000 pro design elements that you are free to use in your personal projects. The gallery is updated on a regular basis, so you may be sure that your DIY logo design will be unique and have a polished look as if it was created by an experienced designer.


Powerful Tips to Make Your Website More Interesting and Click Worthy

Wonder when your audience react the same, looking to a lackluster website? I am sure you won’t expect such reaction? A website is the mirror image of your company personality and environment you have in your office.

I am sure you are aware about the fact that on average it takes only few seconds to decide whether your audience wants to explore your website or leave your website, i.e. you either get a sale or you loss one customer.  It all depends on the structure of your website and how interesting and creative you make it to, so that your audience can easily connect to your aim.

WordPress – 5 Things To Turn Into A Specialist

In this mobile age, it is not surprising to know that brands couldn’t go along without a suitable website. The Internet presence is something that can’t be overlooked to establish a remarkable market value. With almost everyone using an Internet-enable mobile device, businesses have started considering the mobile-optimized web presence more seriously. This is so because if you want to drive your sales, you need to reach your audience, and the majority of people are living on the web nowadays.


Monstroid WordPress Breakthrough Release. What Makes It So Innovative?

One week ago we announced the release of the universal WordPress theme from TemplateMonster. Back then all we could talk about was the brief review of features that its developers introduced to the audience. Now we have a chance to put hands on this beast as the template officially launched on July 22. So, let’s dig deeper inside of this monster.


Demo | More Info

Book Hangover – Fully-Featured Multi-Purpose Book Website PrestaShop Freebie

There is an ongoing debate on whether website templates should be designed to fit one particular purpose or, vice versa, they should be flexible and dynamic enough to suit multiple sites. TemplateMonster’s team is confident that a website template should meet the latter criteria. More importantly, both free and premium designs released by these guys can be modified in so many ways. The freebie we are going to discuss today is no exception. Elegant and powerful, Book Hangover can become a rock-solid foundation for your site.

Book Hangover

The Best 30 Art Magazines for Submitting Your Artworks! Don’t Stay in the Shadows!

Does this fit with your idea? Are you a talented artist or photographer but you’re still waiting to show your work to the whole world? Then, this blogpost is perfect for you. It is an overview of the most famous Art magazines that are interesting both for reading and for self promotion at the same time. Don’t stay in the shadows, reveal yourself and your works! Let the world see your amazing creations and enjoy your art!


Learn how to get known to a huge audience by submitting your artworks to more than 30 of well visited art magazines and portals. This is a totally free kind of self promotion. Enjoy!


* * *


Arriba is one of the brightest art journals. It is open to contributors from all over the world, in an attempt to offer a global vision of today’s art variety. Feel free to contribute with: graphic design, photography, drawings, illustrations, texts and poems.



Read more here.


* * *
Blanket is a free PDF online magazine that is aimed at uncovering art, design and photography from the talented people who create it. Each issue they give a specific theme and encourage artists to submit a piece of original work that reacts to this theme. So, take the chance!



Read more here

Top 25 Free Stock Photo Banks

We are back today with a nice compilation of free stock photography sites that will help designers and other web enthusiasts come across good quality images to furnish their web or graphic design works. Even though these stock photos can be downloaded for free, there may be some copyright issues for using them. So be sure to read on the license, review usage terms and restrictions on every site mentioned. Note also that some of these sites may offer free stock photos in addition to paid ones, in other words there are free areas in paid sites. Now take a look at these awesome sources where you can find stock images that don’t cost you anything. If you’ve got a favorite free stock photo bank, and it’s not in this list, send it along.




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