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5 Tips To Hiring The Right Marketing Consultant April 4, 2018

Markets keep growing by the day and your business needs to keep up with the ever-changing marketing trends to ensure that it secures and grows its market share. As a business, you may not have the best expertise to run your marketing effectively and that’s where the need to hire a marketing consultant comes in.

The consultant you work with will determine how effective your marketing strategy will be and so you need to make the best selection. Here are 5 tips that will help you hire the right marketing consultant for your business:

Review Their Portfolio

Marketing isn’t an easy thing and as such, you should hire a consultant who has solid experience stemming from working with a wide range of companies and handling different marketing situations and who will be able to come up with a strong marketing campaign that will effectively serve your company’s need.

Ensure that you read through all of the consultant’s testimonials that they’ve received from their clients to get a feel for how their work is. You can contact some of those clients and get a more detailed opinion with regards to working with the consultant. Portfolio says a lot.

Check On Their Expertise In Digital Marketing

The digital trend has provided numerous opportunities that marketers can take advantage of to implement their marketing strategies. As such, the consultant you hire for your marketing should be well conversant with mobile marketing, have high expertise in designing websites and placing relevant content on it, be skilled in social media marketing, handling SEO, and PPC.

Check Their Website For Additional Information

We live in an era dominated by the internet. If you come across a consultant with no website that gives them an online presence, that’s a perfect indication that they’re probably not fit for the job. However, understand that having a website doesn’t automatically seal the deal.

You need to analyze their website and get to see the content that’s on it, their outlined strategies that they intend to use to meet their clients’ marketing needs and then measure them alongside your company’s marketing needs to see whether they’re compatible.

Find Out Whether They’re On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful networking platforms linking skilled professionals on the internet. This is one of the best online platforms most businesses log into when doing recruitments.

One great thing you can use LinkedIn for to find out more about a consultant is to check the recommendations given by other clients. Keep in mind that these recommendations are not editable as is the case of those you find on websites. They are genuine and offer a great amount of helpful information regarding the consultant you intend to hire and work with.

Check On Their Level Of Client Support

When you’re looking for a consultant, your aim should be to get one that forms a partnership with you and offers your business all the support it needs with regards to its marketing needs. Client support means that they’re able to follow up with you even after completing the contract once the job is done and offer any kind of advice and support that your business may need.


These tips will be helpful in finding a good marketing consultant for your company. Check out Washington Search Engine Optimization services if you run a business within the Seattle area and are in need of internet marketing services.

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