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20 Best Ready-Made Designs of August

August, the last summer month has come to an end. Do you think that the chickens are already hatched? Then, it’s time to count them. In other words, we can make a quick recap of the most trending templates of August 2016. Themes powered by what engines and what categories of them were the most popular among the web community the last summer month?


WordPress templates for customizing a webpage – A thorough guide for a WP beginner

Web developers consider WordPress as the most necessary part of web development. Majority of those who start with WordPress merely do so out of their pursuit for a more comfortable process of creating their simple website. Designers and developers then Google and consult about WordPress codex later and that is the way out for them. However, a large number of users don’t just stop there. They keep offering more ideas for experiment. And then they discover Firebug! Soon, there’s no looking back! Being a WordPress beginner, it’s pretty natural to have the urge and willingness to have increased control on your site. Users crave for custom functionality, design and everything else!


How to Start Blogging: Things to Consider

So you want to be a blogger! Blogging is the hottest thing on the internet and it seems every business and freelancer is cashing in. Blogging can be both rewarding and frustrating at the same time. The hardest part is getting noticed. So let’s talk about how you can make your blog fantastic.


The Bests: 15 SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes to Revitalize Your Transportation Website

Your website is not just a website. It is a conduit to success, a success that is waiting for you out there. On this note, let’s turn the pathos switch off for a little bit: after all, it’s pre-built transportation WordPress themes we’re talking about, not survival of the species. Although those two things are closer than you might think.


16 Most Trending Ready-made Templates of July

The last summer month has officially started. This means that we can make a quick summary of the most trending website templates for July 2016. What types and categories of ready-made themes were in the biggest demand among the web community mid-summer? What innovations were added to gallery just recently? Let’s find it out from a compilation.


Simple Criteria to Help You Choose the Perfect Template for Your Business Website

Have you ever opened a list of template designs and then thought to yourself about how the heck you would pick the one which is most appropriate for your website? Don’t you think that the more you keep looking at website templates, the more confused you’ll get and the more similar they’ll start looking? You are not a famous designer and it is not weird that you’ll feel confused. It is pretty common that you will feel awestruck when it comes to choosing the best web template for your website.


Android Mobile Web App Templates That are Going to Change the Way Your Phone Looks

Project templates are one of the greatest ways of learning new things from other people’s works. As the numbers of Android users are increasing throughout the nation, it is best to create web templates in accordance with Android and hence there are new templates that are being developed by the app developers. If you follow Android news regularly, you will get to know that majority of the websites are now opened on mobile devices which are powered by Android. Hence, if you too are interested in building an app of your own with the help of some specific feature, you can find a solution to all your questions through templates. Check out some of the Android mobile templates that can help you with your new web design.


10 Top Moto CMS Templates to Build Business Site in 2016

Ready-made website templates have long become the preferred solution of web masters worldwide. The possibility to create a unique site on your own while simply dragging and dropping different design elements lures both beginners and professionals. One of the most popular and widely used platforms that match such criteria is MotoCMS. Recently, it has been updated to the version 3.0, and now it provides you with a greater assortment of impressive customization features and eCommerce support.


25 Best Free PSD Brochure Templates for Download in 2016

If you need a professional Brochure template for promoting a special occasion or improving your skills here is a useful collection of Free PSD brochure templates for you!


What Social Media Metrics Should I Be Measuring?

Are you using the right tools and tricks to monitor your social media campaigns? What metrics are the most important for social media performance? How can you use social media analytics to improve your campaigns? What most people find, eventually, is that the analytics they’re measuring and assigning significance to are often less important than they think! And incorrectly measuring and assessing campaigns is one of the primary reasons for social media marketing failures.


The Hottest Templates of June

The second month of summer has officially started. This means that it’s high time to take a look at the top-selling website templates that saw the light of day in June. In the showcase below, I offer for your consideration 18 top-selling website templates from

templates of june

10 Premium WordPress Real Estate Themes

No secret that real estate service is among the most popular and profitable ones. That’s why realtor companies and agencies that chose this kind of business have to come through the high level of market competition. Their services need to be of high quality and available from any corner of the world. It means that if your agency doesn’t have a website, you lose clients.

real estate wp themes

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