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5 Tips to Help You Write a High-Quality SEO Article March 12, 2018

Content is the king. The famous Bill Gates’ quote, recited in 1996, was ahead of the time and proved to be fatidic in the Internet environment. The site can boast a beautiful design, convenient navigation, but if it lacks high-quality and interesting content, the user will not focus the attention on the resource. Useful and noteworthy materials are the key to success for the sites of all types. Moreover, the content plays a crucial role in the site distribution in the SERP. Let us get this straight what kinds of articles are favorites among both the users and search engines (google, yahoo, bing).

In order to make the article proficient and enhance readability, it is necessary to follow a number of rules. First and foremost, you should mind the text originality. This factor is primarily important for the search engines, but the user simply will not see your article without them. Try to write the text yourself, copy-paste will not work. The Internet brims with the services where you can check the text uniqueness for free or at low cost. It must be at least 90% – the bigger, the better.

Keywords are the second important factor for search engines. They help the neural net understand what your material is about and who it is intended to target. The article should use one exact entry and several phrases changed morphologically. But make sure not to overload the text, otherwise, it will result in the search engines sanctions. The web-site Stakers online casino can serve as a good SEO-text example. The text at the bottom of the page is eminently readable and at the same time contains the main keywords.

Text layout
Try to systematize your article, divide the text into paragraphs, highlight important words in bold, use lists. Readers do not like a straight text, it looks boring. As a rule, the users first browse the article casually and diagonally taking notice of the most interesting moments. Give them such a chance! The same applies to interlinking. If your article contains a reference to other material, written by you, then do not hesitate to leave the hyperlink, this will only assist the users’ navigation and extend the time spent on the site.

Text volume
There is no use in the same number of characters for all articles. Some optimizers say that the ideal article comprises of 2000 characters, but it’s hardly worthwhile to measure everything according to one template. The article’s size is determined only by the theme and the vastness of its presentation. The descriptions of slot games and analytical sports articles should not be of the same size. Guided by the principle of reasonableness: sometimes a couple hundred of characters are enough, and sometimes it turns out to be a large article with more than 10,000 characters. Both of them are equally good.

Images improve the perception of the material and its quality. A picture can meet the users’ eyes at a glance or simply visualize the text material, one thing is clear – it is relevant. Each image should be provided with the title: this is intended, primarily, for the search engines. Pictures are another source of traffic because the users can find you searching for some pictures. Do not ignore this type of promotion and title your image using the keywords.

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