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The Best Web Designs of March

The beginning of spring has always been my favourite time of the year, and it looks like you guys love it too. I can not say you’ll find some surprises in this showcase, as usual the most of the best sellers are WordPress themes in type of products, and business in thematic category. There’s more eCommerce templates this time though. Well, let’s have a closer look at the most popular web templates of March 2016!


The Most Popular Templates of February 2016

Last month was quite surprising in regards to the most popular web designs. You’d think a showcase like this inevitably would consist of mostly WordPress themes, but February 2016 showed us that website templates stand their ground. Yes, about half of today’s showcase is owed by website templates and that’s well-deserved, if you ask me.

templates of february

Top 10 Must Use WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

One needs to put a lot of hard work behind building a remarkable website that should have superb functionalities and attractive design. WordPress is the first choice, a popular tool in order to develop a great website today. It approaches with unlimited plugins that assists you to expand its functionality and stand out among the rest. As millions of plugins are accessible today, we have selected the 10 best vital WordPress plugins for the bloggers.


How Responsive Design Helps Your Online Branding

Responsive design is the ability of your website to look and function well on a variety of different devices. These devices include mobile phones and tablets as well as the more traditional laptops and desktops. Responsive design is all about giving the user the best experience possible, regardless of which device they are using to view your website.

responsive web design

The Best Templates of January 2016

Quite predictably, last month’s bestsellers feature mostly WordPress. The more showcases like this one I put together, the more I realize how true this statement is – WordPress is everyone’s favourite CMS. So, below you’ll find a lot of WP themes for various businesses and with different features, a couple of Magento themes, two website templates, one incredible Joomla template and one PrestaShop theme. I won’t distract you any more from the templates themselves, they are worth all the attention after all!

best website templates

Today Only! Web Templates Sale at

Quick news for every fan – we’ve cut the prices for a while. Today only the prices are cut by 30%! And from January 26th the prices will be cut by 25% BUT only for the first 500 customers. So hurry up, be he first to get the deal!


30 Most Popular Web Designs of 2015

It’s quite common to review the previous year once the new one is here, analyse the successes and mistakes and make plans for the next 12 months. So we decided to take a look back at year 2015, it was quite a great year for after all.

most popular web templates

20 Best Web Templates, December 2015

Last month we announced the new tradition – a monthly wrap-up of the best templates. So, in line with this new tradition I’m going to show you the best templates and themes of December 2015.

best templates of December

After You’ve Picked Your Template, How Do You Pick Your Host?

A template is just one of the many steps that go into creating a website or virtual experience. You may have the best visuals in the whole world, but unless your site is hosted by a server, your website won’t actually exist. It’ll just be an idea in your head, inaccessible to anyone else. That won’t do anyone any good.

hosting templates

10 Most Unknown WordPress Mistakes You’re Doing

In order to craft your first website, WordPress is the best framework and it is also a well-organized CMS that is simple to use and work on it. Beginners are very compatible with WordPress as they can acquire huge support lend from online community while utilizing and expanding your website.


Top 20 Web Templates of November 2015

New design is a great call for making even more changes and starting new traditions. So, we are announcing a new tradition – from now on we will have a monthly column showcasing the best selling templates of the month. To start this new tradition I’ve prepared a round-up of 20 freshest and most sold web templates of November 2015.


best web templates of November


Learn How to Start a Site from Scratch with TemplateMonster’s Startup Hub

We are back with great news from TemplateMonster. A couple of weeks ago these guys announced the launch of their educational portal for web design beginners and startups that want to build their web presence without any extra help. Startup Hub was rumored to feature every piece of information that you will need on your way from a beginner to pro. This week, the project went live and is open for the public access.


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