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Simple Criteria to Help You Choose the Perfect Template for Your Business Website August 3, 2016

Have you ever opened a list of template designs and then thought to yourself about how the heck you would pick the one which is most appropriate for your website? Don’t you think that the more you keep looking at website templates, the more confused you’ll get and the more similar they’ll start looking? You are not a famous designer and it is not weird that you’ll feel confused. It is pretty common that you will feel awestruck when it comes to choosing the best web template for your website.


While majority of the web builders like Simbla provide a wide array of responsive website templates to choose from, there are some which even offer third party templates which you can buy. Hence you can well understand that it is pretty easy to drown in the sea of choices, particularly when you don’t have a very sharp eye for designing. This article will deal with some such criteria that you may need to follow when you choose a template for your site.

Content width – Which width should you choose?


For contemporary and creative designs, full-width content area works well. For the traditional business-oriented designs, boxed-width content area is definitely more suitable. Full width is said when the background image stretches through the entire width of the screen of the computer, from the left to the right. Boxed-width is when the content is within a frame within the left and right hand side of the screen and hence the name ‘boxed’.

So, you should think about how exactly you would want your websites to look. Are you interested in portraying a contemporary and creative design? Or would you go with a business-oriented look? Choose the template accordingly as mentioned above.

Home page header layout – Which layout works for you?

Selecting the best header design for your home page is yet another important decision, even more than the design. It all depends on the kind of business which you have. Majority of the home pages of the websites have some specific sort of header design and this is the section which is located at the top of the home page and this is perhaps the first thing which the visitors notice when they open your website. Headers usually contain slideshows, static images and also play videos. Instead of being distracted with flashy designs, it’s high time you choose the perfect template for the header design.

Menu bar design – Which is the design you should choose?


You may feel that the menu bar is not so important but in reality it has an impact on how visitors take you as a brand. There are many people who focus on the wrong thing while choosing a template. Design is very important and the menu bar design is the most undervalued items of web designing. You need to choose something which fits into the needs of the business. The menu is usually the main tool which the users use to navigate from one page to another; it is more like a roadmap. Hence web designers need to pay a lot of focus on the menu bar design.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the ways you should choose a template for your website, you can take into account the above mentioned criteria. Also make sure you seek help of a professional web designer who is expert with his skills and also performs his job in the most sincere manner. Keep visiting your website and checking whether or not you think it looks perfectly fine.

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