For many, writing and editing an impressive CV is quite of a challenge. So, why should you spend tons of time and effort on designing one? Unfortunately, not all job-seekers over there are skilled designers. That is why coding, setting up and bringing a resume to live can be a daunting and time-consuming experience. Taking this into consideration, we have decided to provide each of you with a great starting point for developing an online CV of yours. Using this Free HTML5 One-Page Theme, you can effortlessly build a personal page and sell your talents to employers.

Instead of writing several pages of pure text, many employers opt for online CVs. Using these, you can hit two birds with one stone – show off your creativity and promote your skills on the web. Statistics shows an average recruiter spends from 15 to 30 seconds to review a resume. So, the more professional and appealing it looks, the more likely you are to be hired. Ideally, a CV should speak to the point, clearly state your skills and achievements, be well-designed, and give you a good advantage over other candidates. The given theme features all the aforementioned characteristics. Making use of its clean modern layout, any designer, coder, writer, photographer or any other creative personality will find no difficulty in developing a personal web page.

For better scanning, the theme boasts one-page layout. Resembling infographic, it allows placing all information within one click reach. Its smart structure is perfect for presenting various types of content in sections for presenting your skills and word experience, showcasing portfolio, and sharing contact details. Traditionally, the testimonials section has been made bright and vibrant in order to capture attention and help with decision-making. To make your personal page look livelier, you can make use of jQuery scripts like TouchTouch Gallery, Camera Slider, and JQuery Isotop for adding visual knacks.

If you want to have a closer look at this theme and its functionality, welcome to live preview. If it’s exactly what you need for setting up your online resume, hesitate no more to download it right away!

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The fashion industry is blooming. People of all ages keep track of the latest fashion trends in order to look stylish and modern. Fashion is the form of art that can be seen in our everyday life and on catwalks, shows of the famous couturiers, in magazines, and in the worldwide web, of course. Unlike other websites on the web, fashion resources are known for their appealing and sleek designs. Making use of photography, neat elements and vibrant hues, these cutting-edge designs are used to attract new visitors and boost sales.

When starting developing an ecommerce fashion platform, there are several factors to consider in order to achieve the desired results.

  • Studies show that women make up more than three fourth of the audience of such resources. They prefer browsing the web in search of the appeal, which makes fashion websites the perfect source of inspiration. That is why, making your website visually appealing and user-friendly is the key to success.
  • Another point to consider is content. Traditionally, webmasters stuff these with plenty of high quality HD images and a few lines of text to provide characteristics, features, pricing and any other information about the given product. When looking for the apparel to purchase, users need to examine everything in detail, so adding zooming effect you will only win. JQuery image zoom plugin can greatly help you accomplish it.
  • One more technique that is used to close deals online and building trust is adding live chart function. With its help, you can make is possible for each user to get in touch with your customer service reps anytime they need. In such a way, you can provide shoppers with professional assistance and help with decision-making.

We have decided to initiate a series of posts covering examples of the most inspiring designs of templates that that can add a breath of fresh air to your website. This week we offer you to consider 30 inspiring themes for fashion sites. If you haven’t developed an ecommerce site of your own yet, then using these templates you can save tons of time and effort on setting up one. Including rich functionality and being built in the latest web design trends, these themes were created to win the hearts of shoppers and enhance conversion rates. All of them are responsive and include detailed documentation, which provides answers to a number of questions on installation and site management.

I hope you will find this compilation inspirational and useful. Please, leave a comment telling about the next showcase you’d like us to share.


Responsive Clothes Store PrestaShop Theme

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WordPress is known as one of the most widely used CMS as of today. Its smooth performance, rich feature set and ease of use combined with light weight framework make it the platform of choice for everyone who is about to build solid online presentation for their business in fast way. Taking into account that the majority of modern users shift from desktop to mobile devices and prefer browsing on the go, the responsivity of this CMS makes it the industry winner. All this combined with cross-browser compatibility contribute to better exposure of your business on the web.

Every business owner knows the true value of responsive web design. Running a user-friendly web resource that is properly displayed on devices of different screen sizes and resolutions is essential to both large corporations and small businesses that are only starting to develop. If you already own a website that is not responsive yet or want to find a ready-made design that will help you develop one hassle-free, then our chart of the top responsive WordPress themes will come in handy.

TemplateMonster team works hard to update its inventory with all-new themes on daily basis. All designs we are going to showcase today were released this spring. Being built with the latest web design trends in mind, these include a number of features to your benefit, like:

  • All themes on the list are powered by Cherry Framework. This makes them easy to install and edit, as well as enjoy the benefits of multiple shortcodes included.
  • One of the biggest benefits of WordPress templates on this list is responsivity. We all know that the number of users who use handheld devices for surfing the web and doing purchases is constantly growing, so making your web resource mobile-friendly you will only win.
  • Building a website with the help of our themes you will have no difficulty with targeting the international market. All of them are WPML ready, which allows running multilingual WP resources.
  • Each design comes packed with documentation with detailed guides on how to install and edit it fast and easy.

TemplateMonster customers were the ones to decide on what designs to add to the chart of the top WordPress themes 2014. Whether you need to build a personal portfolio web page, ecommerce project or simply bring your brand on the web – the compilation includes designs for any purposes. Cast a glance at some of the most outstanding designs from the showcase or browse the whole chart by clicking here. Take your time and enjoy the most popular WordPress themes, according to TemplateMonster customers’ choice. Found the template that meets your requirements? Then don’t hesitate to proceed to checkout.


Fancy Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Fancy Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

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WordPress is one of the most used CMS to create web based blogs with templates that can be easily downloaded on the internet. It has made programming of web based materials easier by avoiding coding, which involves a lot of time and calls for the involved to be equipped with the knowledge of programming languages like PHP, HTML, JAVASCRIPT and many others. WordPress has given room to anyone interested in the creation of different themes or templates based on categories like business, restaurant, travel

WordPress Hosting

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Nowadays, with the growing trend of e-commerce, everything is going online. There are many websites in the market for different niches. You can also start your business online and increase the revenue. There are many website designers and coders, who can set up your website at low cost. They design everything from the logo of your company to other graphical images, mobile design and website design. But, before having your website designed, ask them about what services they provide and what rights they will give you. Here are few things you should be aware about while getting your website designed.

1) Do you have ownership of your Domain name?

The domain name is an important part of any website, as your whole business website will be dependent on it. If your website designer owns your domain name and in case if they run out of business or you get into some kind of squabble with them, then you might be at the risk of loosing your domain name. Loosing domain name means shutting down of online business. Hence, look out for a reliable website designer who gives you a clear quotation of everything. If they own your domain, then ask them to transfer ownership to your name.

2) Are your logo and images copyright protected?

Of course you own your logo and images. But, it is not the case always. In your agreement with the designer, make sure when payment is done, you are the owner of design and graphical images and they cannot use them for any other purpose without your permission. Some of the best web designing companies in Melbourne and Sydney give full assurance about it.

images copyright protected

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The number of people attending dance classes worldwide increases all the time. For some this is a way to express themselves with the help of body moves, for others this is a way to be more active, develop new skills and communicate with the likeminded people. While in the dance club, you can switch off, forget about routine and troubles, and simply relax. Like any other business over there, dance studios need to have solid online presentation in order to provide people with an easy to reach place to learn more about your staff, schedule, etc. To help you with this, we offer to consider this week’s free HTML5 template for dance studio. Building a website with its help, be sure every passerby will stay and stare.

Have a look at this design. It the perfect example of how style and functionality can be balanced in one website. Are you running a dance studio, design club, sport organization or any other business? Then picking this theme you will never lose. Its minimalist layout in pleasant to the eye light purple hues, with sharp graphics and streamlined fonts will present your organization at its best. Lake any other template by TemplateMonster team, this is well-coded, cleverly built theme that is easy to customize. Anyone interested in learning more about you, staff, classes to enroll in, as well as checking out the latest industry news will find no difficulty with reaching the necessary content thanks to the thought-out organization of information on the home page. Clicking any of the banners one will be automatically redirected to the necessary page, absolutely hassle-free.

As you may see, the designer Ivy Green has perfectly combined relaxing color palette with readable fonts to make the content more comprehensive. Making use of Camera Slider and TouchTouch Gallery, she has added a bit of interactivity to the design, making it more interesting to browse.

Make use of this theme to welcome everyone to join the club and bring more friends in. To see it in action, click the demo button or simply download it to start customizing it the way you wish right away.

Demo | Download


As a rule, textures are in high demand among web designers. These help adding a sense of depth to websites as well as making these look more appealing. Among a huge variety of textures of different style, space themed ones definitely stand out. With their help you can add something mysterious, overwhelming and enigmatic to your project. These allow us reach the unknown, discover the space and simply get inspired by awesome looks.

Adding space themed textures to your website you will never lose. The latter are considered to be great attention grabbers. So, when one reaches your site, they are likely to stay and investigate what else you have prepared. Photoshop with its multiple tools and features gives you the freedom of developing the space texture on your own, bringing all your dreams into life, so to say. However, if you do not have much time for design but need a great texture asap, our today’s showcase will come in handy.

Below you will find 20 space themed textures that you can download for free. Simply look through the entire collection below, choose the design to your liking, click the image, and you will be automatically taken to the download page. Enjoy space designs and don’t forget to share with us which ones you liked the most. We highly appreciate your feedback.


Andromeda Galaxy

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Business card is considered to be one of the oldest and most traditional ways of building brand identity. We want to help you give your brand a unique and stylish look to stay in people’s mind for long and encourage them to start doing business with you. The following list of 30 creative business cards should come in handy. Since free PSD is the favorite Photoshop format for both designers and non designers alike, all these designs can be downloaded absolutely free of charge. Simply choose the template to your liking, download it to your device, customize the way you wish and get ready to stun everyone with the remarkable style of your business card.

Some early forms of business cards could be found in the 17th century, when people were using these to advertize their trade and provide clients with a map to find the fastest route to one’s location. Generally speaking, today business cards serve the same purpose. The traditional structure includes the name of the person or brand and contact details in order to make it easier to get in touch with you when necessary. But for being a cool promotional tool, business cards have a number of other advantages, like:

  • A professionally designed business card helps creating good, lasting first impression.
  • Being small in size, these are very convenient to be kept in the wallet, so you may always keep them handy to hand out, enclose in a letter, left on a store counter any time you need.
  • Business cards provide a large amount of information in a compact design. Featuring a wide range of data (from contact details to discounts and your brand’s special offers), these give users 24/7 access to the information that matters.
  • Unlike audio and video commercials, business cards are considered to be an inexpensive way of advertising your business.

Whether you are self-employed or simply searching for a job, with the help of a professionally designed business card you will be able to achieve success much faster. Let these 30 of the most creative business cards designs help you in your business. Download them for free, open in Photoshop editor, adjust the way your wish and print. It’s easier to build brand identity than you think.



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Just like any other non-profit organization, churches need to have clever online presentation. Since their primary goal should be to portray the right message and attract more people to check out what they offer, TemplateMonster team has released an awesome freebie that will help you bring such an organization online without spending much money and effort.

Over the last several years, more and more churches have started figuring out the importance of having a good website. Now even small organizations can afford developing their own web presence with the help of the all-new free HTML5 theme for religious website. The design is easy to customize, so you don’t have to be a coding pro to adjust it to your liking. Here content is organized in such a way that users will be introduced to the full information about your church, its goal, calendar of the upcoming events, location and contact details once coming up with the website.

Now let’s move to the features making it possible to bring new members in. The pleasant to the eye light purple palette sets a positive, calming tone for your site dealing with worship services, activities, etc. Content and visual parts are well-balanced, which allows for better readability and scannability. Easy-to-follow layout guides people in your page, bringing fields that matter the most into focus and guiding user eye from one element to another.

In a word, here every element of the design works for your benefit. Combining pleasant to the eye color scheme, clever content organization, intuitive navigation and user-friendly interface, Ivy Green made it possible for every non-profit organization to afford bringing their business online. Click live demo to see the theme in action.

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When it comes to creating a popular and successful e-commerce site, it really is all about the little details. Tweaking minor details and making small improvements can actually be more rewarding than a major revamp – so accordingly, here are six relatively small elements that make a major difference when it comes to ensuring that your ecommerce site achieves optimum performance.


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