TemplateMonter team keeps on treating us with their weekly doze of freebies. This time we are glad to present you a stylish modern design aimed at bringing your business online. Built in the best traditions of minimalism, it doesn’t feature anything to distract viewers from important details. Thanks to its clean and clear structure, the template can be used for building a new or upgrading the existing corporate, consulting, insurance, investment or any other business dealing with marketing. Guess it can become a good starting point for developing a website of your own? Keep reading to get a deeper insight into this Free Responsive HTML5 Theme for Marketing Agency.

What’s so important when working on a business web design? Pleasant to the eye layout with focus put on details are the distinctive characteristics of such resources. Making use of the negative space, the theme draws user eye to the things that matter, letting you better introduce the audience to your business.

Striking a balance between visual aesthetics and functionality, the freebie was developed for presenting your company at its best. Thanks to the thought-out organization of content blocks, neat icons and memorable logo, you’ll be able to stick in users’ mind for long. Ivy Green, the designer who brought the idea of clean and minimalist design for a marketing agency to life, managed to make it elegant and contemporary, meeting the latest web design trends. Have a look at the screenshot of the homepage below to be aware of how a website built with it can look like. Want to get a deeper insight in its functionality? You are welcome to check out live demo.

Demo | Download


Web development has become a multibillion dollar industry with seemingly endless potential. There are more than 1 million websites being launched every day. Unfortunately, not all websites are successful; a large number of them fail because of various reasons.

The key to a successful website is aesthetic appeal, a rich user experience and high search engine ranking.

Here are the 10 ways you can design your site to maximize its impact and generate qualified leads:

1. Integrate Social Media


With social media gaining steam in recent years, it has become extremely important for businesses to have an active presence on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and so on. But simply having a presence on these channels is not sufficient; businesses also need to incorporate social sharing buttons on their site. This will help them rank better on SERPs as search engines value signals emanating from social media.


Make sure you have these social sharing buttons perfectly positioned on your site so that your visitors can find them easily and quickly share on-site information with their networks.

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Every designer knows the true value of quality brushes. There is no shortage of Photoshop brushes on the web. The real problem is finding quality ones. So, we have decided to smoothen things down for you and make a compilation of free dry brush strokes Photoshop brushes, which you can download, install and start using right away.

Premade brushes are amazing time-savers. These free you from the necessity of drawing individual design elements, so you can automate this process with a few clicks. The great thing is that there are hundreds of talented graphic designers who help the community by sharing amazing sets of toll free dry brush stroke Photoshop brushes that you can download and apply to your own designs.

It may be a daunting task to find the right, quality set of dry brush strokes when you need these asap. To simplify this process, we have decided to share this compilation of dry brush strokes. Add it to your bookmarks and you will have 24/7 access to high-quality free tools. Take your time and enjoy!


Flat and Dry Brushes

Flat and Dry Brushes

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Building a website can be hassle-free if you know how to code. However, not all of us are happy to be tech-savvy, so site development may require more time and effort. This is when helpful WordPress plugins come in handy. These allow starting customizing web pages by simply dragging and dropping, meaning that you don’t have to learn programming language to work with them.

It is not difficult to find WordPress page builder on the web. However, choosing the best, feature-rich ones will take you some time. While there are many premium plugins available for download, you can still find free page builders that can safely compete with their paid equivalents. Move further to have a look at 10 amazing page builder plugins for WordPress that will save you tons of time and effort on customizing your website.


Let’s begin with Page Builder by SiteOrigin. Thanks to its simple and intuitive layout, this is considered to be one of the most popular WordPress page builders out there. It works with most well-made themes, with the only requirement these support pages. In addition, the plugin will make your widgets even more useful while turning them into the building blocks of your pages.


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What can be a better way of proving your audience that you are a serious company than adding a clean and sophisticated look to your website? First opinion highly matters. So, depending on how well and reliable your webpage looks, one can judge about the future success of your campaign. Today we offer you to consider a contemporary single page HTML5 freebie for setting up online portfolio website. Modern users are more sophisticated now than they used to be a couple of years ago. So, the more professionally your web page is designed, the more likely you are to expand your client base.

Have a look at the screenshot of the theme we are talking about. Working on this design, TemplateMonster designer Ivy Green set herself the aim of creating a template that would combine style with functionality. To my mind, she has managed to accomplish it. Built in pleasant to the eye color scheme, the theme is very easy in use and can become a solid base of online portfolio for a wide range of companies, including business, design, architecture, art & photography and more.

What else makes this template so special? The carefully selected color scheme perfectly matched the thought-out layout. Taking into consideration that we are now dealing with a single page design, the designer organized content blocks in such a way that viewers will feel curiosity to keep scrolling down to see where the story goes. Yes, you understood it right. Any website, and online portfolio in particular, is created to tell a company story. This goal can be perfectly achieved with the help of the given freebie. You will be able to capture user attention with a full-width image in the header, then move to other sections displaying timeline, portfolio, list of staff and contact details.

Do you want to present your company at its best and engage more clients in? Then give this theme a try.

Demo | Download

What would be your answer if one asked you about the most popular and fast growing trends in web design industry? What should we consider when working on a new web project? The thing employers highly demand nowadays is making sites responsive. That is quite clear. Since most of the modern users prefer browsing on the go, from their handheld devices, to more habitual browsing from desktops. So, it should be a rule of thumb for every web developer to create designs fully responsive and usable. Another point we’d like to focus your attention on is shifting to page-less designs. Have you ever wondered what makes the latter so attractive? Read further to find the answer to this question as well as discover how to code a one page website without much hassle.

Why Opt for Page-less Designs


No matter what company you are running, the primary goal of any website is telling the story to your customers. Page-less design will perfectly match this goal. However, it will not fit large enterprises. It is perfectly suited for small to medium companies that need to create a compelling story for customers. Once coming up with such a resource they will be able to better learn about your business, its goals and achievements. As a user scrolls down, he or she gets more curious about investigating your field of work.

As per the way to build a page-less design, there are no restraints. One of the most popular ways of creating such websites is starting with a catching landing page featuring a large image demonstrating your product/services. Then you may continue story-telling with subsequent chapters telling about your company services and user testimonials, sharing the showcase of your latest projects and inviting the audience to get in touch with you for an effective collaboration. Here is a great example of a page-less website you may be inspired by.


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It’s not an easy task crafting a web design that will leave the client happy – the expectations are usually very high, even unrealistic, so it can sometimes be hard for web designers to maintain a clear vision on the project.

Still, when a designer has a good foundation of basic principles that he follows on each project, it becomes much easier to achieve good results.

So here are 4 essential tips that will help to maintain an effective web design process:

1. Get to Know the Client


Many graphic designers are so eager to get a head start on a project that they often forget the most important part of the process, which is getting to know the client and figuring out his vision for the website.

It’s easy to start sketching ideas by yourself – as a designer you probably have plenty of concepts that you’d like to try out, but that can lead to you designing a site that’s great for you, but not at all suited for the client.


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Professional design with emphasis put on details is exactly what captures user attention when reaching any web resource. Solid online presentation is of special importance for everyone dealing with design and photography business. Here first impression highly counts, so you should do your best to win the hearts of your audience from the first acquaintance with your project. The given freebie for photo site can be a perfect starting point for setting up online portfolio.

Its layout is neither formal nor austere. It is something in between. Making use of blurred background images, ghost buttons, flat colors and vibrant images, creative TemplateMonster designer Ivy Green added some modern, elegant hues to this design. The grid-based structure makes it easier to perceive the information and introduce the audience to the recent and most prominent projects in an easy way.

Another point worth mentioning is the captivating color scheme. Dark hues will never go out of fashion. So, the design we offer you to consider perfectly matches such trend. Playing with contrast, Ivy combined dark gray header and footer areas with light central part. This makes it easier for the view to focus attention on the most meaningful part of your website – portfolio. Organizing artworks in the usable Gallery makes it more convenient for the viewer to look through your projects and form a clear idea about your business.

In a word, if you are looking for the most appropriate solution for showcasing your works and products online, if you are running a design studio or any other project aimed at making this world brighter and more elegant, then this theme is just what you need.

Check out the live demo of this theme and fancy how your web resource based on this design will look like.

Demo | Download


In our tech-driven market, sometimes it’s difficult to explain to your client just how important their web design is. To some, it seems unfathomable that they could be losing potential clients simply by not having a website at all. So to tell them that they not only need a user friendly desktop site but also a mobile adapted platform might take a little extra energy.

mobile site

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TemplateMonster inventory is being daily updated with new themes that can help you develop a website without much effort. The team of skilled web masters is working hard to impress you with something new, handy and easy to use. This time the company is launching a brand new product – Adobe Muse CC Templates.

Once Adobe Muse was launched back in 2011, it gained popularity as a convenient and easy way of building websites without learning how to code. No matter whether you are a pro developer or enthusiast who is new to the field of web design, with the help of Adobe muse and its drag & drop feature you can create stunning designs that can easily compete with the works of skilled designers. So, if you are a creative personality and can’t resist temptation to bring your ideas to life, then Adobe Muse CC themes by TemplateMonster will help satisfy your yearning for releasing unlimited creativity.

Why Adobe Muse is the Right Choice for You


Adobe Muse templates come with support of the most trendy features like being Retina ready, fully responsive, coming with fully layered PSD, documentation and more. Besides, the product boasts of a number of other amazing features like:

  • Easily customization within Muse.
  • Graphic designers with minimal web experience will find no difficulty with creating cutting-edge websites.
  • Instead of focusing on coding, you will be free to channel passion for creativity towards web design.

Even though Adobe Muse is considered as one of the most effective and usable means of creating websites, for some web masters this is a step backwards since to their opinion a quality website should be developed with clear understanding of code.

It’s up to you to decide whether to try Muse or not. Below we offer you to look through some of the freshest Adobe Muse CC templates by TemplateMonster. Check them out and find the design that meets your requirements.

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