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Why Your Peers are Taking DC Web Designs Seriously February 12, 2019

Web design is one of the most important aspects when it comes to establishing a strong online presence for a business. Without a well-designed website, it can be very difficult to convince your target audience that you can actually deliver on your promises.

One of the salient features of a good website is easy navigation. This is especially important for a website that has many pages. Users want a website that is easy to explore and understand. This is what makes them want to come back to the site for more.

Many businesses in Washington DC are realizing the importance of web design and have no problem investing their resources to upgrade their websites. They want their web pages to have the best layout and be more appealing to users and potential customers.

Here are some reasons why your peers are taking DC web designs more seriously:

Mobile compatibility

DC web designs take the usage of tablets, smartphones and phablets into consideration. With so many people relying heavily on their smartphones for information DC web designers know that a website must support all available screen sizes to be able to compete with other websites.

Typography and readability

No matter how aesthetically appealing a website is the text must be readable for users. The typography must also be attractive. Web designers know all the fonts that are easiest to read. For example, fonts like Helvetica and Ariel are commonly used for body texts.


Whether you want to tackle the project by yourself or you enlist the services of a professional web designer, consistency has to be one of your top priorities. This includes keeping the same color schemes and fonts in different pages, having the same image style across the board. Even if you use slightly different layouts they still have to match.

Easy navigation

Studies have shown that most visitors have little patience for websites that are difficult to navigate. DC web designs have effective navigation because they have very clickable buttons. They also have logical

page hierarchies and make good use of breadcrumbs navigation. A good designer ensures that visitors are able to get the information they are looking for within three clicks.


Ultimately, visitors browse a website to get information. As long as your website can communicate to them efficiently, they are likely to spend more of their time on it. It’s all about how you organize information with tricks such as the use of bullet points, headlines and subheadlines

Easy loading

No one will stay on a website that takes forever to load pages. DC web designers avoid this by optimizing image sizes. They also combine codes into a central JavaScript or CSS to reduce the number of HTTP requests. Also compressing CSS and JavaScript enhances loading speed.

In summary

The importance of quality web design has driven many web designers to look for the best talent to do the job. As long as designers stick to the most important principles of designing websites, they will always create websites that are user-friendly and effective.

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