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Why the Most Creative Among Us Work at Night January 22, 2020

Research has shown that genetics can play a role in determining when we prefer to go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning. For some, there is nothing better than getting up soon after the sun rises and getting that to-do list finished in a timely manner. However, others tend to do their best work later in the evening or during the overnight hours. Whenever you prefer to go to sleep, studies show that the average adult between 18-65 years of age needs at least 7 hours of sleep.

Here are a few reasons why creatives tend to work late into the night.

Creative Types Tend to Stay Up Later

Researchers determined that those who stay up at night tend to be more creative than those who prefer to adhere to a more traditional sleep schedule. This my partially be because night owls are more amenable to alternative ways of getting work done or solving other problems in their lives.

There are Fewer Distractions Later at Night

One reason why people tend to work at night is because there are fewer distractions. Those who have full-time jobs or other obligations to take care of during the day may not be able to write, paint or simply ponder the world during traditional waking hours. Instead, they must remain awake after everyone else has gone to bed to truly concentrate on their craft. Furthermore, the fact that others are asleep may mean that there is less of a need to check social media pages or remained glued to a smartphone.

You May Feel Less Stress at Night

The quiet and peaceful atmosphere that you typically encounter late at night may help to put your mind at ease. Therefore, it may be easier to come up with ideas for a new book or to work on a startup venture. The ability to create at your own pace may also help you to do your best work without feeling forced to produce something just to meet a deadline.

Night Owls Shouldn’t Feel Pressure to Change Their Ways

Those who prefer to stay awake at night shouldn’t feel too much pressure to adjust to what others perceive as a normal sleep schedule. In some cases, you may feel as if there more time to get things done by waking up earlier than normal. This could cause you to procrastinate and actually be less productive than you could be. It is important to note that getting up earlier means that you will likely go to bed earlier as well.

Therefore, you aren’t necessarily gaining more time to work each day. Instead, you are simply trying to get your work done during a different part of the day. Furthermore, there is a chance that getting outside of your normal sleep schedule gives you a feeling similar to jet lag. Ideally, you will simply pick a routine that works best for you and try not to worry about those who may criticize you for waking up later in the day.

The next time that someone calls you lazy or unmotivated because you stay up all night, just tell that person that you simply have a creative mind. In most cases, it is easier to accept your preferred sleep schedule instead of trying to conform to society’s expectations.

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