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Why Every Website Needs a Good Logo January 14, 2019

Your website is essentially the mothership of your business’s online presence. It’s the place where future customers can go to find information, leads can potentially convert, and where you get to control the messaging your company sends out into the world.

However, a website alone isn’t enough to capture the attention of your customers; it needs to have a memorable domain name, mistake-free content, and flawless design – including a prominently-displayed logo.

A logo – or a symbol-typeface combination that serves to identify your company and brand – is a key part of making your business a successful one.

And, whether you use a logo maker or hire a designer to create your logo for you, the end result should be the same: Your website needs a logo to tell the story of your brand.

Here are a few reasons why:

Grabs attention.

Logos cause intrigue. People see an icon or an interesting color combination they’ve never encountered and ask themselves what these designs stand for, or who is being represented in the art.

Since consumers almost always judge companies by their covers, your logo is the perfect opportunity to make that judgement work to your advantage. Hopefully, you’ve designed your logo in a way that properly communicates your company values, and this will serve as an invitation to your website visitors to keep scrolling.

Fosters trust.

Putting your well-designed logo on your website tells visitors two things: Your business is credible and trustworthy.

While it’s true that many logo designs completely miss the mark, and others may tell the wrong kind of story, simply having a logo shows that you’ve put effort into your brand. Consumers will translate this into a sign that you’re reliable, and that your site is one they can count on to provide them quality goods or services.

Builds brand identity.

Your brand identity is rooted in your logo. The colors you use, the shape of your icon – all of the elements that make up a logo tell your customers a specific story, and they help to shape the public perception of your company.

As the home base of your business, your website needs to be telling the story of your brand just as much as your company business cards or official letterheads. Your brand has a narrative, and your logo sets the stage for what that narrative is – ultimately helping you to create a brand identity that you can market.

Separates you from competition.

If you’re an e-commerce site that specializes in used books, would you want your customers to mistake you for Barnes & Noble the next time they’re looking for a good read?

The answer is an obvious no, if you want them to buy from you again. Your logo distinguishes you from your competitors, and it lets your customers know why you’re unique in what you do – and, therefore, the right choice for them.

Over to You

Having a good logo on your website will only help you brand your business successfully – so if you haven’t yet designed your logo, this is the time to start! What kind of logo do you think will best communicate your company’s values?

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