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Web Designs That Are Trending in 2019 August 23, 2019

Like everything in the broad spectrum of technology, web designs too undergo changes, overhauls and facelifts every year.  Some years witness the predominance of boundless experimentation with colours, asymmetrical layout, dramatic graphics and illustrations eschewing the more hackneyed grids or formulaic stock photos while other years are all about an overarching presence of smart technology in web design. 2019 is well on its way to merge two facets of web design, technology as well as aesthetics. Web design agencies who want to stay ahead of the competition and leave their stamp on the history of web design need to understand the winds of change that are sweeping through this fiercely competitive world of creativity this year so that they can either build on the new trends or challenge them.

Three Dimensional Illustrations

Just when everyone thought experimentation with three-dimensional illustrations was history, it’s staged a glorious come-back. Efforts will be on to add yet more depth to 3D artworks and make the digital indistinguishable to the physical.

Serif for the Screen

The sacred rule of thumb is that the serif font is meant for the print medium while sans serif is ideal for website content. But web designers may turn that convention on its head by utilizing the striking and decorative appearance of serifs to design callouts or headers to make them pop out. More and more websites such as Medium or Mailchimp are blazing the web design trail with the serif.

Black and White Color Scheme

A website’s color is its soul, it sums up what the site stands for and can become the groundwork for the brand. 2019 is seeing a back-to-the-basics approach towards black and white design for websites. The juxtaposition of these two opposite colours creates a sharpness, a power statement and brings clarity to shapes and textures in a way a myriad of different colours cannot. Some designers are taking a bold step by incorporating an accent color as an innovative Call To Action or as highlights.


Glitches used to be a major annoyance in the early days of computer technology. And they are back, only in the form of retro web design art. Glitch art with its distinct feel of malfunctioning technology gives a psychedelic appearance to a website and represents the disjunct and disorientation of 21st-century life.

Soft and Natural Forms

Gone are the days of strict adherence to systematic and inflexible grids and geometric shapes such as triangles, squares or rectangles. Web designers in 2019 are going natural with more organic shapes or forms that seem pleasanter to the eyes despite their asymmetry.

Chatbots to be more Ubiquitous

All websites worth their salt already have a chatbot. But with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning evolving rapidly, chatbots too are expected to be customized, efficient and much more intelligent and capable of more engaging interactions blurring the lines between bot and human. They will also be given bright peppy colours and a personal face to make them more endearing.

Greater Volume of Video Content

What with Google prioritizing video results over written content in many searches, website designers too will be looking towards including more video content in their sites for boosting SEO.


Web Designers are decluttering the look of the website by opting for the timeless appeal of minimalism and adding as few elements as possible that will not detract the viewer from the purpose of the website.

Web Design trends of 2019 are being characterized by cleaner, sharper and deeper appearance that is a throwback to the yesteryears while at the same time incorporating the latest technology to take the craft to a whole new level.

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