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Web Design Tips to Crush Your Next Website Project October 13, 2020

There are many people on the internet with dozens of web design tips and ideas. Design is certainly subjective, so it makes it hard to find just one idea that could work for any website. But at the same time, web design is one of the most important factors to make a website successful. A company’s credibility can be judged by the content of its website. It can influence bounce rate, conversions, and much more. If only there was just one way to make a website successful. Wait, there actually is! When it comes to web design, you can choose from a wide variety of different styles – from classic, minimalistic, vibrant, playful, modern, and sleek.

However, the final look of a web design should definitely show your personal style, brand identity, and line of work. You can find in this article some great tips that can be applicable for your website. Good web design should be user-friendly at first glance. Honestly, web design is something that can take a lifetime to master. It’s a field that’s evolving with technology, and most businesses have to deal with it. Everyone wants to project a great web design, but they’ll need to learn some basic tips to know how to communicate what you want. Let’s say you’re hiring an expert to do all the work for you: you’ll still need to have a bit of knowledge and explain to them what to do. It’s understandable that creating good content for your web design isn’t easy, so follow this guide to understand what you should and shouldn’t do.

Keep your webpage minimalistic and free of clutter

Let’s start with the first and most common mistake: a cluttered website. It’s normal to provide users with information, but without realizing it, you throw everything on the screen, and on the same page. This is something you’ll want to avoid – no one wants to read hundreds of topics in just one page. Any element added to your website will influence the others. Including tons of elements into one page will distract the reader, who doesn’t even know where to look at first, and lose its coherence.

But if you only decide to include only the important elements, you’ll create a better page, so your readers will understand exactly the point of the topic. Keep your pages clear, free of clutter – it’s what really matters to a website. Look at other examples and determine what’s the elementary point that’s outstanding in their product (navigation, logo, CTA, images, tagline, etc.). To make a web design effective, you’ll need to keep a clear path for users by creating space for priority elements. If your website communicates an immediate message, your visitors are likely to increase and understand what you intend.

Display your content in an effective manner

Discipline is very important when it comes to designing a website. Your content should be displayed in an effective manner, so that you can lead your visitors to certain page elements. For a better viewing, highlight your top assets, including your logo and business name. Use a larger font, readers are likely to fall for these titles. Use larger fonts even in other smaller paragraphs, they tend to attract the reader’s attention. Also, you can place an important CTA in the center of the screen, or put your logo at the top of the page. Once you’ll establish your content in an effective manner, readers will easily read and assimilate the information. Also, contrast, color, and spacing are going to accentuate more and attract the attention of your visitors. For more inspiration and web design tips, do your research before.

Design easy to read website content

Readability – an effective and powerful tool for a great web design. Visitors pay full attention to how easy it is to read certain information on the internet. If your website’s readability is increased, people are going to recognize easier sentences, words, and phrases. By doing so, assimilating the information will be a lot easier. For achieving a website’s readability, contrast, larger letters, and fonts are essential. Smaller fonts make people struggle to read – therefore, until your dad grabs his glasses to read and article, he’ll probably change his mind, and search for another website.

It’s a common tip to follow – however, keep in mind that you’ll need to adjust your body text depending on the fonts you choose for your website. For your website’s design, there are a lot of fonts out there. Depending on what you like, you can choose more decorative fonts, such as ones that look handwritten. But make sure that you are not overusing those fonts, you don’t want to create an overwhelming effect.

Improve the user experience

This is one of the most important tips to follow for your website – improving the user experience. Website’s navigation should be easy. After all, you want to help your users to find what they’re looking for, but also in a short time. A website with strong navigation is great for improving the user experience. As a part of your branding efforts, it’s significantly important to create a logo for your homepage. If you need to create a website menu, for example, make sure that it’s visible for visitors. Make it structured, according to the importance of each section.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Last, but not least, stay mobile friendly! All of your visitors should be able to enjoy a professional website, no matter what device they use to navigate. Put yourself in the position of the user: if you’re using your smartphone to navigate the internet, you’ll definitely want certain websites to be mobile-friendly. Keep the mobile website cleaner than the desktop version, so minimize page elements, such as the menu. You can use many unique mobile features to boost your mobile design. Look around the internet for inspiration, but also use these design tips to create the best website. Keep your mind open – it’s your job to design a website using many suggestions.

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