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Web Design Services That Will Get Your Company Noticed November 27, 2017

Ever wondered why your website doesn’t get the traffic you want it to? Maybe it has an old and and exhausted design. Maybe it’s not responsive. Maybe the content isn’t reaching top of Google’s search results. Maybe no one’s looking? With professional web design services from Direct Line Development, we can change all that so that your site gets noticed and your bottom line begins to grow.

The next time you’re out and about, whether it’s running errands or sitting on a bus, or even having a coffee shop meeting, take a look around and notice how pretty much everyone is either glued to their phone, their tablet, or their laptop. Whether they’re checking the latest sports scores, looking for something specific, or just catching up on social media, there is no denying the fact that society’s dependence on mobile devices has become significant. And what that means, is that with our responsive web design services, you can leverage that dependence to your business’s advantage.

Now, think about how you use your mobile phone or tablet to access the internet. Think about the sites you tend to browse most often. What’s the design like? Is the text too small? Do images load the way they ought to? Or does it look like the website designer simply threw something together that does not fit on your device’s screen?

Think a little deeper. Were you happy with your online experience with the company? If the website was not responsive, the graphics were poor, and the overall design looked cheap and tacky, chances are you did not have a good experience with that company.

You’re not alone. There are millions of web pages out there, but only the best organizations have really adapted to mobile development, and the influx in internet browsing and ecommerce. They have engaged professional web design services, and in particular, adaptive and custom website development.

Web Design Services for Adaptive Custom Web Page Design

When you engage a company like Direct Line Development for adaptive web design services for small business, you can expect to receive a responsive, affordable website design. Developers code the site and software so that no matter what type of device a person uses to access the site, the user experience is the same across the board.

In other words, the website appears just as elegantly and professionally on a tablet as it does on a smartphone, and desktop as well as laptop.

A great way to think of it is like a fluid grid of your small business’s online site. The designer gets to work assigning dimensions and proportions of all the different custom elements of your site to a particular percentage. Then, the percentages are applied to every element of the site, including graphics, text boxes, and columns. Since the pre-determined percentages are embedded in the code, the layout of your custom design website automatically adjusts to fit the width and length of any screen on any device.

For instance, if your custom website, when viewed on a person’s desktop computer browser has three columns of text on its main page, then our web design services will ensure that there are perhaps just one or two columns on the same page when it is viewed with a smartphone, due to the smaller screen size. All of the content will be there, even in cases of  WordPress web design services, but the professional layout automatically adapts to that which is most appealing and convenient to the user and the device that he or she is using to view your website.

By equipping your small business with responsive web design services, and web page that works across all devices, your business comes across as far more modern and professional, and that goes a very long way to increasing customer conversion and in turn growing and expanding your business and customer base.

The World of the Smartphone and Custom Web Site Design Services

Now you understand why a responsive web page and development services are so important for your business’s site, let’s break things down a little further.

Let’s start with the logic of user experience and responsive design.

As we have mentioned, adaptive web pages are typically accessed via a user’s mobile device, which means the user is most likely browsing the web on-the-go. If you have a business that offers relevant and specific information to visitors who may well need it when they’re not sitting comfortably at home in front of a desktop computer, or in front of a laptop in their office, you could definitely benefit from a responsive custom website. But, it’s not just places like movie theaters or even corporate firms that could benefit from web design services.

Restaurants are an excellent example in this case, and absolutely should not be without a responsive site that patrons can access while they are on the move. Those restaurants who already have mobile-ready and responsive sites tend to receive as many as 80% more customers compared to their competitors who do not have responsive sites.

Another great example is ecommerce sites. If you’re a corporate ecommerce site without a responsive website, you are doing yourself a massive disservice by not seeking custom web design services for your site. Take days like Cyber Monday or Black Friday as a prime example. More than 60% of online purchases are typically made using mobile devices on these big shopping spree days. The convenience and the versatility of mobile websites that are responsive and well designed just cannot be undermined.

What About Business-to-Business Services?

Unfortunately, many business-to-business services tend to resist the age of mobile website browsing. However, they’re still trying to adapt to web design services that can ensure their business remains top of mind in the online world. In previous years, we saw as much as a 30% to 40% increase in the number of organizations in this field who began to include mobile design in their business and marketing strategy so as to increase and improve their online presence. The good news is that we have noticed that this number is continuing to climb.

To look at the other end of the scale, though, there’s no denying that social media is the most browsed in terms of mobile browsing. Almost all Facebook users – yes, all – browse the site from their mobile devices. Think about that. Think about Facebook ads. And then think about just how you could leverage your business with great site development custom-designed for mobile.

There Are More Advantages to Having a Responsible Website for Mobile Devices

How much money did you spend with an agency or designer who put together a package and promised a new site that would knock your prospect’s socks off only to discover that the only people who could view it are you and your staff? We hope this has never happened to you!

The more people that visit your website, the more visibility and traffic your company receives – that’s just logic, isn’t it? And what happens then? That’s right, profits go up. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Japan or New York, mobile website responsiveness increases the number of outlets from which prospects, partners, and customers alike can be exposed to your brand, services, products, and company as a whole.

With professional web design services, you can now reach pretty much the world, or at the very least everyone who has a mobile, internet-enabled device, on laptops, TVs, tablets, game consoles, smartphone, and, of course, good-old desktop browsers.

With custom web design services, not only do you get to take full advantage of the multitude of avenues by which your website may be exposed, you can, rather intelligently we think, decrease your dependence on desktop browsers – something that we have noticed is used less and less today as the need for on-the-go responsiveness soars.

Now, you may be scratching your head wondering just what custom web design pricing is like. Here is the great news for your organization – having a site that adapts to any device’s screen is convenient and highly affordable, and your business, not to mention your budget, can significantly benefits from such an investment.

What’s more, Google is always looking out for professional and responsive sites in order to effectively promote them to the very top of its search results while also looking to limit the potential of those non-responsive sites.

Overall, it’s a win-win investment.

But, How Do People Interact with Mobile Devices When Buying Things?

In order to take full advantage of the world of mobile devices, and especially mobile phones, it is critical that you have an understanding of why people tend to use them.

In June of 2017, Google published and extremely engaging and relevant article all about how consumers use smartphones when they make a purchase. The results were astounding. The main finding of the research seemed fairly intuitive, but we need to think deeper in terms of just how much technological advancement has actually changed consumption patterns.

Before we were blessed with modern technology, and indeed professional web design services, or, most relevantly, the internet of things, consumers would spot something they wanted to spend their hard-earned money on, and then head off to a store when they had the time to view and purchase the item. Thanks to the internet, these two actions can now occur simultaneously.  The entire purchasing process is immediate and seamless.

Furthermore, the behavioral purchasing patterns have changed dramatically. People are far more likely, these days, to search online for store and product reviews and other kinds of validation to ensure that they make an informed buying decision and not a hasty one.

Today, consumers want to be able to confirm that the service or product they are after is of good quality and comes at a great price. Hence, it is vital that you monitor your consumers and learn all about how they found and settled on your brand’s offerings. It is further critical that you understand the underlying trends of how your business tends to generate business so that you can go forth and build upon and ultimately capitalize upon it.

But, other than paying attention to your consumer’s purchasing patterns, you also need to know what the population as a whole (or at very least your target market) are doing. The Google study found that some 44% of online purchases are made via smartphones. Hence, responsiveness counts.

Can My Company’s Site Be Made Responsive?

Here’s an interesting thought: you could have a website that has adaptive capabilities, but isn’t really suitable for mobile phone browsers. The core of adaptiveness is the site’s ability to adjust automatically to the size of the screen on the device on which it’s being used.

If you’d like your site assessing, and then perhaps developed or adjusted appropriately, it’s a good idea to seek professional web design services.

Web Design Services Should Not Be Overlooked

As you scroll down through this piece of content, if you’re still wondering whether or not your brand or business needs an adaptive site, we can tell you unequivocally that it does. Responsive design is essential, if not critical, for any business that wants to increase profits, visibility, and online traffic.

Based in Philadelphia and serving the surround area, we create custom online solutions for all kinds of customers, and just about every page is adaptive for mobile. We’re proud to say that we are experts in our field, and as a reputable agency, we strive to develop sites that load quickly, and work the way users expect them to across all devices. Best of all, we do this with exceptional customer service and highly affordable prices.

Want to know more or have your site designed for adaptive, responsive purposes? Feel free to get in touch with one of our representatives today and let’s get your online presence noticed.

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