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Web Design is a Modern Art Form January 22, 2019

In this modern era of technological advancement and digitalisation, a website is a modern art form. Today, businesses must have a website online or they are likely to lag behind their competition. The world is digital now, and refusing to adapt and evolve with that world means almost certain dissipation. Regardless of if the business is selling health products like Ashwagandha tablets and fish oil tablets, or is running a multimillion dollar publishing company, being online is key.

While having a website is a great start, simply having a domain name for a business is not enough. A website must be consistently added to, with the value being that consumers will [ideally] consistently visit the site, so obviously, it must have content going up all the time. When it comes to web design, there are a countless ways to improve a website’s standing in the digital landscape. However, if one wants to find the website design tricks that will have the most profound impact on their digital space, then look no further. There are three website design tricks that have significantly more impact than any others.

Mobile ready design

This point comes down to the digital era being well and truly upon us. Consumers – literally any business’ life blood – spend more time on their mobile phones than they do on their other devices. Therefore, having a website design that correlates with mobile use seamlessly is incredibly important. Take the website of Reputio for example – their mobile website is completely customised and different to their desktop version. Website design starts online obviously, but when the majority of the global consumer base is searching for things via their mobile phone, then the websites that can provide seamless user experiences on even the smallest of screens are obviously in a far stronger position than their competitors.

Fast loading times

The average individual waits 0.5 of a second before they click out of a page. Fast loading times are not only convenient for the consumer, but they are vital to the longevity of the business. No matter how many good things a prospective consumer hears about a business, if their loading page takes too long, the consumer will almost always look somewhere else.

When a customer can click into a site and it loads immediately, they are both impressed and do not have the time to consider clicking out. Similarly, when the website loads slowly on their mobile phone, they are likely to click out of the site – modern consumers are busy people, they do not have the time or the patience to be waiting around for a site to load on their most-used device.

Clean animation

The name of the name in website design comes down to clean design. Minimalistic hues with well-executed bright, vibrant colours is brilliant, for example. Even better? Smooth animation that works well with the overall website design. Consumers love to be told a story, and animation not only does this, but if it is done well enough, is a sure-fire way to ensure that both prospective and existing customers remember the business – not to mention competitors.

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