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Want To Rank High On Google? – Here Are A Few Tips To Help You Get Started! December 9, 2016

Perhaps, one of the most critical aspects of editing or creating an article while putting SEO into consideration is picking the right keyword. However, this is a strategy that tends to elude most SEO content writers.  Picking the correct keyword phrase and turning it into an interesting and an appropriate content piece will move your article to the first page ranking on Google and other popular search engines.


Choosing a 2-4 phrase (or more) target keyword will help to deliver the intended message of your article. Although your article could be ranking high in search engines attributing to several keywords, the target keyword talks more about the article and therefore much emphasis is directed at it as compared to other inclusive keywords. In this case, if you are looking for ways to improve your page ranking, it is therefore imperative that you find relevant keyword phrases. Visit https://www.linksmanagement.com/how_to_choose_keywords/ to learn more.

Besides improving page ranking, target keyword phrase is vital for various reasons.

  • Forms an important part of your headline as well as meta title
  • The effort you put in your target keyword phrase research will be evenly distributed in the entire article. The rest could come in as secondary keywords that will add value to your articles especially the intro and subheadings among other areas of importance. This is critical when it comes to improving your article’s impact on the indices of search engines.
  • Finding the most sought for target keywords will portray you as a great editor or writer. Thus, the effort you put in your research provides you with a clear picture of how your prospective readers are thinking and searching for information.

Below are some important tips to help you settle for the best target keywords phrases for your article. There may be numerous variations in the structure attributing to various conditions; however, these guidelines are applicable regardless of whether you are creating or editing content. Having placed a powerful target keyword phrase doesn’t mean you are done. Idyllic SEO practice is not limited to editorial or an article.  Whatever knowledge you gain from keyword analysis is applicable throughout the editing or writing process and helps to enhance your article’s readability as well as facilitating its finding.

Well, this is not just done to satisfy the search engine’s calculations but enhance your article’s accessibility to your prospective readers.

Study your article – Understanding your article’s main topic (specifically), what the reader is bound to benefit and the questions it answers is key in this respect.

A good example is  article that highlights the merit and demerits of cock flooring – the reason for choosing green, pros and cons of building a house with several; room, various texture and colour options, cost and the like.

Brainwave your keywords – Afore you handle a keyword research device, the foremost thing to ask yourself is what you would look for had you been considering the same kind of article. Make a list of several phrases of different lengths (nothing below two words in length) e.g. cork flooring options, cork flooring, cork flooring uses, cork flooring, is it green?

Conduct your keyword analysis – Google keyword planner is one of the most effective keyword research tools on the market and comes with numerous options. Some are available for free while others are paid for.  It is very hard for anyone keen on SEO to forego the use of the device developed by the most popular search engine.

Analyse your findings – Right atop your finding list appear the phrases you selected with related phrases appearing below it. Different trends and search volumes are listed to the right columns with several options to look for and personalise your information.  Focus most on the column representing Global Monthly searches. Record search volumes e.g. cork flooring (74,000), cork floors (90,500), cork flooring cost (1,000) etc.
Avoid the big number temptation – Avoid going for phrases with the most number of searches. Your chances of moving your article on page one are higher with a particular phrase recording a lower search rate. Ranking on page one with a phrase that obtains several thousand searches per month is far better than being listed on page 19 for a keyword phrase that registers a big number of searches per month.

Bottom line: Keyword search is tricky but if you are determined to improve your ranking, there is no shortcut. Visit https://www.linksmanagement.com/how_to_choose_keywords/ to get a hint on how to select the right keyword phrases for SEO.

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