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Useful Tips to Optimize a Web Design for Video May 21, 2019

If you are publishing videos on your website, it is important that you make sure your web design is optimized for them. Without optimizing your web design you may find that your videos don’t have the impact that you expect.

While there are many ways that a web design can be optimized to cater to video content, there are several useful tips in particular that you should take to heart:

Give video content a prominent position

In general when you publish videos they are meant to be the center of attention – and their position in the web design should reflect that. Try to make sure your web design places videos directly in the eye-line of visitors, preferable right below the headline.

As far as possible you should make sure the entire video (and player) is located above the fold. That way viewers won’t have to scroll in order to view it, and it will allow the video to engage them more effectively.

Optimize the page speed

Adding videos to your website can slow down the time that it takes to load webpages – which in turn can affect your website’s bounce rate and SEO. That is why you should take steps to optimize your web design to improve the overall page speed as much as possible.

The use of images, fonts, and other elements that may take a long time to load are especially relevant when you want to optimize the page speed. Aside from that you may want to run Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool to discover other areas that could be improved (possibly outside of the web design).

The more that you can optimize your page speed, the better the benefits will be not only in terms of your video impact – but your overall website performance as well.

Make sure the video has good padding

Ideally you should pad the videos so that there is some white space between them and other elements. The padding (or margins) will help to make your web design look cleaner, especially considering videos are very ‘busy’.

If your videos are being published on a background that is ‘busy’ as well, you should consider adding an element with a solid background behind the video to provide it with the white space that it needs to look clean.

Do not enable autoplay

As a rule you should make sure that none of the videos that you publish use autoplay. Videos that autoplay need to load at the same time the webpage does, which will slow down the page speed.

On top of that viewers tend to find videos that autoplay to be annoying – especially if they aren’t immediately visible. Suffice to say it is best to simply avoid using autoplay completely, and stick to a click-to-play option instead.

It should be noted that aside from the tips to optimize your web design, there are other optimizations that can help to improve the impact of your videos in terms of their SEO, bandwidth consumption, and so on.

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Overall optimizing a web design for videos isn’t that difficult – especially now that you know the areas that you need to focus on. In the long run it is best to start taking steps to optimize it sooner rather than later, so that your videos have a bigger impact when you publish them.

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