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Top 7 Web Hosting Companies That Accept Bitcoin Payment Method January 22, 2018

Bitcoin is not regulated by banks. It means you don’t have to pay tax on transfers. Perhaps that’s why it is struggling hard to replace Paypal. While there are huge number of people who love to  trade Bitcoin, it is getting more popular among businesses.

Let’s look at some of the top web hosting companies that accept bitcoin as payment.


It offers quite fast web hosting service at a very cheap price. You may start as low as $2.15/month. You can choose a free domain name. You will be given an opportunity of 30 days Risk-free trial. Hostinger accepts Bitcoin as payment method.


It was launched in 2009 in Iceland. It became very popular within a short span of time. The company gives the credit of its success to teamwork. People can register a domain as  well as hosting anonymously. After that they can upgrade their hosting. Their request will be responded within just a few seconds. In some cases a delay may be of a few minutes. Their agility and fast responses have made them quite popular among the masses. You can purchase a domain and hosting, buy vps with bitcoin. And that’s because customers want to pay through Bitcoin.


You may think that the name is a bit complicated but it comes with very handy features. It offers full web hosting services. Its theme gives a very professional look as well as a decent atmosphere for users to choose a plan. This web hosting service also offers Bitcoin payment method.


It is a leading domain name with over one million customers from around the world. What do you get from NameCheap? Like its name, it offers cheap domain registration. It is quite a reliable web hosting service. Moreover it is the first major domain registrar that started accepting Bitcoin payments. NameCheap will charge you as low as $9.88 per year for hosting. It is quite easy to buy a domain from NameCheap. Just select ‘Account Funds’ from the payment methods page if you want to pay through Bitcoin. The next page will show you different options such as Card payment, PayPal and Bitcoin. Select Bitcoin and pay.


The web hosting company provides top quality hosting services. Its servers are located in different countries such as the United Kingdom, Brazil, the United States, Lithuania, Germany and the Netherlands. It also offers VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Servers and Shared Hosting. One particular quality of the company is prompt response to customers.

The company accepts Bitcoin payments.


The company was founded in 2010. Within a short span of time it has expanded into quite a decent web hosting company. The company offers Reseller Hosting, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Business Hosting and Budget VPS Hosting. Moreover the customer support is great. It is responsive and customer friendly. You can select Bitcoin payment method when you order for web hosting plan. The website has a cool theme with quite a fast customer support.


It is quite a popular webhosting service since 2004. They accept a wide variety of payment methods including Bitcoin. They offer webhosting service and domain name registrations. It has a good number of customers from all around the world. There are multiple packages such as Linux VPS, Dedicated Server, Windows and RDP VPS.  The theme of the service is quite not catchy. It looks dull. But as for the customer support, it is quite responsive. You will not have to wait for hours before getting answer to your question.

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