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Tips for Creating Attractive Email Signatures December 12, 2017

Why is your email signature so important? It is not just a signature but it essentially represents you as a brand. It should be such that it tempts readers to reciprocate to your content, leave remarks, interact with you, and leave your web page with a positive impression and with the intention of returning again and with the intent of keeping the conversation open.

In this article, we highlight the important aspects of email signatures and how you can make it better for readers.

Elements of a good email signature

Prior to getting into the depth, there are few points that you must take into account. If you pay heed to the following, chances are that your email signature will leave a lasting impact on your readers.

  • Two objectives of an email signature are to get the attention of readers and let readers know about you (your personality)
  • Opt for Responsive design for your signature. These days, majority of the individuals access their mails on their smartphones and other hand held devices. The signature for your email should be such that it will be compatible and readable on these devices too.
  • Legalities – There are many countries that require you to comply with certain legalities as far as these email signatures are concerned. So, make sure you adhere to these norms.
  • Logo – If you wish to, you can incorporate a logo too while designing your email signature.
  • Social media presence – Include your social media links in the signature so that you get a broader audience.

Tips for creating a great email signature

In order to give your signature a professional look, it is important that you get it right. And for this, you can rely on the email signature templates that are available in the market these days. Moreover, there are many web portals like ZippySig that are into offering templates for email signatures and you can choose one according to your requirement.

  • Simplicity is the best policy

Do not allow your readers to get bored with your signature for email. In this regard, you can follow the rule “Less is more”. Avoid making it too cluttered. By doing so, the essence of the signature is lost. Also, find out whether the company you are associated with has a standard format for these email signatures. This is because there are many such companies that require a standard format.

  • Add a photograph

This will essentially depend on a number of factors, whether or not you share a formal relation with your readers or an informal one. However, it has been observed that email signatures that have photos added are considered to be friendlier.

  • Black and white versus bright colors

This will depend on whether it is appropriate to use color or stick to black and white. It will depend on the industry in which your brand is engaged in. There are certain brands that encourage black and white email signature to give it the professional look. On the contrary, you can add some color if it is an informal organization that you are associated with. It all depends on the company policy.

  • Be social

In order to nurture an ongoing business relationship and retain your client on a long term basis, you have to stay connected socially. By linking to social media contact information and accounts, you could enjoy an edge over the others operating in the same business. However, linking with social media platforms is something that every brand and business identity engages in these days. So, you have to work out ways that can make you stand out from the rest.

Last but not the least; your email signature should convey a strong message of confidence and an attitude to connect better with clients and readers.

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