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Things to Consider Before Building Your Website May 24, 2019

The security and safety of website are paramount.  The website is the gateway for the world to access your products, information, and ideas; it is vital that its security is not compromised. Website vulnerability to hackers is real; hence there is best practice that is available to keep one’s website safe. It is possible to fix mistakes that can be costly in the long run.

Keep the software up-to-date:

Hackers target websites with security web flaws. It is critical to keep updating every software product that is in use. Programs should be updated regularly. Updated web programs patch security holes in the website keeping it safe.

Unclear menu:

Navigating through the website should be with ease. Prospecting customer should have the message they are looking for with ease. The message and the image should be clear. The reason and the core purpose of the website should be apparent. Any ambiguous information should be avoided. Information in literature and graphics should be consistent.  The clean and neat homepage makes navigation ease and provides the information the consumer is looking for.

SSL Certificate:

The SSL is standard security protocol. The SSL (secure socket layer) is an essential data encryption process that facilitates the safety of online transactions. It encodes data between the server and the browser. SSL facilitates the secure transmission of information like social security numbers, login credentials, credit card numbers, and debit card numbers. SSL Certificate provides confidentiality and integrity of the website communication between the browser and the website.  For the safety of the consumer, company information and financial transactions it is paramount for any organization that is engaged in commerce to have an SSL certificate on its web server. In the absence of SSL, the data passed by the consumer is not private. When SSL is installed, it adds a green lock and HTTPS before URL instead of HTTP. Users have become knowledgeable and look for this before deciding whether to engage with the website for any transaction. The SSL protects the data from being intercepted.

The application of the SSL ensures that customer information is safe and secure. Since the consumer gives his private information, he or she must have confidence and check the site when doing transactions.

Problematic contacts:

Prospecting customer should have easy access to the organization contacts. There should be chat boards for prospects to communicate with. The website should not give prospecting customer a hard time to access information and question relating the products on the site. The consumer should also get an almost immediate response to queries about information or product on the website. The channels of communication on the website should be user-friendly and create confidence in the consumer.

Too verbose:

The description of a product should not be with too much literature. Not every person who visits the website has a keen eye on the wordy website. A balance should be struck on the writing and graphics. With the help of analytics, balance can be struck. It will enable the consumer to get as much information as available. It makes the consumer go an extra mile of rating the website and referring it to other consumers.

Poor responsiveness:

The designer of the website should create a website that will wow consumers who visit the site. The website should have a consistent experience and should have content that can be consumed via various devices. The focus should be made on the mobile consumer since the bulk of consumer access website information on their mobile devices. Any information that cannot be accessed via mobile devices should be avoided. It will put off the potential consumer. In turn, this will give poor rating for the website and product and limit access which is not healthy for business.


The cases studies and testimonial can be used to give more information on the product and has helped other consumer to get more insight on the products. Care should be applied to avoid a situation where they are long and tedious plus do not deliver the intended message. They should be interactive, exciting and easy to read. The caption on data collection on the case studies should be clear. This will help understand the need and the taste of the consumers.

Data back-up:

Website back up should be maintained regularly. In the event the website files become inaccessible or lost, they should be accessible via back up. The web host provider should provide back up; it is vital to have a content management program extension that can back up web content automatically. It should also be possible to back up website information and data manually. It helps to ensure there is the safety of information and data. In the event of the unexpected happening back up information and data goes a long way in enabling restoration of the website with precise details.

Scan website for exposures:

It is vital to perform a web security scan regularly. It should be done on schedule, and every time a change or addition is done on web component. It helps to check for website vulnerability. There are tools on the internet that can help determine how safe a website is. It keeps attackers at bay, and the safety and the integrity of the site are maintained. This goes a long way in also ensuring the consumer information and data is safe.

At Last:

Website building is an essential part of your online success for any company and each tiny detail needs to be considered. An exclusive and compelling website is must nowadays. If you have poor sites, then there may be chances that you lose customers in long run. While discuss with developer, understand the concept of a website making that will save your money and gives more control on website project development.

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