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The Top 4 Social Media Tools To Make Your Content Pop November 28, 2018

Being successful at putting content on social media is more than just sharing. As we hear all the time about how to make our content perform better, it’s easy to get lost in the mix of what you should be producing and where you should be posting rather than just making what’s best for your brand. That’s why we’re offering you a few helpful tools to consider if you’re looking to get back to doing what you do best! Check them out below:

Magic Social

A big component of making your content successful on social is by having an audience that’s willing to engage with what you’re creating. This can be tough, especially since you most likely feel as though developing your core audience will either take quite a bit of time or even paying for a boost, however, as we’ve all seen accounts that have paid for followers, sometimes taking the easy route is more trouble than it’s worth. A good hack to combat this? Magic Social.

What makes Magic Social special is that they have real people coming to engage with your account organically, giving you the boost you need without coming off as fake. Furthermore, this can be a great strategy for targetting a younger demographic, because as noted by Pew Internet, 71 percent of Instagram users are between 18 to 24 years old. As a pretty easy to use service that’s cost-effective, Magic Social is the perfect antidote for making your Instagram content pop.


Another important part of making your content take off is by ensuring that you’re monitoring and tracking its performance, as well as posting at ideal times. After all, as the algorithms for our respective social media channels are constantly morphing and changing, we sometimes can lose out on ideal times to post to certain channels, leaving our content underperforming. Plus, as noted by data collected by CoSchedule, the best times to post for Instagram vary widely per industry; which, is where something like Buffer is able to help.

Buffer is a scheduling and management platform for your social feeds. With a smart, intuitive design, it makes plugging in your different social posts relatively easy, including for scheduling and varying up your messages per the platform you’re posting to. Additionally, with other features like analytics, suggested posting, and even team management (sold separately), Buffer is the complete package, but with a UX that any novice could understand. Start playing around with a program like this, as the ROI you’ll receive for the time you put in will pay off tenfold in getting more eyes on your content.


Although we’d love to make original content for every post on social media, that’s not always going to be the case. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as sometimes showcasing other industry or culture-related content by others can help your brand showcase a certain sense of perspective or feedback on what’s happening around us. Furthermore, social is becoming the norm for a lot of information; in fact, 67 percent of Americans get their news from social media. For this reason, it’s important to stay on top of things, which is why using a tool like Feedly can be so useful.

Feedly is a news aggregator based upon the topics you choose. With a super clean, easy-to-use design, Feedly can help you break down the most important news of the day for your brand and help you categorize it, so your content doesn’t run stale. With collaborative tools as well, your entire team can work together on bringing fresh content to your feed the moment it happens. And if you’re looking to up the content you source, Feedly is a great solution to consider.


Finally, as much as link sharing is it important, so is the tracking components that come with it. According to Smart Insights, there are approximately 54,000 shared links every minute on Facebook alone, and when you factor in what those numbers look like for the other social platforms you use, the figures could be astronomical. Not only is it important to see who is sharing your links (as well as where they’re going), it also provides a basis for how popular your content is overall. Yes, keeping track of links is imperative, which is why Bitly is such a great tool to consider.

While you might be familiar with Bitly as a link shortener (you know, for when Twitter only allowed 140 characters) has now transformed into one of the most prominent link sharing tracking mechanisms. As the process is relatively straightforward, you’ll pick up on how to use Bitly pretty quickly, giving you an efficient manner to see how far and wide your content is going. Give them a shot if you’re looking to study the success of your work into building a long-term outlook of where your content is headed.

What are some social media tools that have helped transform your content? Comment with your insights below!

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