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The Top 3 Ways to Market Your San Diego Business With Search Engine Optimization November 7, 2017

Search engine optimization can be a hard game for the average person. Mom and Pop stores aiming to rank highly on Google need compete with far larger businesses which have been in operation much longer and with considerably larger budgets dedicated to their online marketing strategies. In the present-day tech-laden world, creating an online presence for your business is a requisite.

The good news, however, is that search engines such as Bing and Google seek to level the playing ground by giving even the modest gig in town an opportunity to rank high in searches. The aim of these engines being to display the site most pertinent to the web searcher, despite the size of a company. Furthermore, contrary to conventional marketing techniques, organic SEO is free.

There a many simple and effective methods that you can put into use to rise through the ranks in search engines and boost the number of new site visitors. First, you need a website; pretty obvious. Afterwards, try the following three ways to market your San Diego business with search engine optimization.

1. Find your niche

Specifying your niche makes it easier for you to get ahead of your competition. You stand a better chance of ranking highly on Google if you concentrate on appealing to a small, definite target market, instead of seeking to be all things to everyone.

For instance, say you are a contractor in a small town, think of one chunk of the market you can capture. Fixate particularly on rehabilitating old homes, environmentally-friendly construction or kitchen remodeling. Then, ensure all your marketing material, both offline and online, mirror this specialization. There may be several of you in the city; however, you may find yourself in first place in your niche.  

2. Choose your keywords astutely

Once you’ve zeroed in on your niche, create a list of keywords to bolster in your website content, in your blog, and on social media. The incredible Google Keyword Planner informs you on the number of people searching for various phrases every month and assists you in figuring out the key terms to target.

Also, focus on long-tail keywords which are phrases made of several words, and while they tend to experience fewer monthly searches, they’re less competitive. Consequently these means you stand a high chance of ranking first for these phrases. For instance use, “environmental friendly house renovation” as opposed to “house renovation.”

3. Start a Blog

Search engines are in love with content, particularly when it’s crisp and well-written. A blog added to your website is an easy way to develop new content on a consistent basis. You can make entries aimed at answering your client’s questions or concerns or writing posts using keywords on the blog. Additionally, blogs capture your clients’ and Google’s attention!

Blogs allow you to display your expertise and bolster your credibility in your area of specialization.  

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