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The Social Benefits of Smartphone Technology Are Plentiful January 11, 2018

Smartphone technology becomes more ubiquitous each day. Literally everything we see, touch, and interact is in some way affected by the connectivity. The mobile technology of today reaches far beyond simple applications–banks, taxis, and even doctors have been permanently transformed. We can be entertained at the swipe of a screen or from a command to a friendly robot. With all of the distractions and rigid applications–some more useful than others–is there hope for social change? The answer is, indeed, yes. Smartphones are far more than devices meant for communication–they’re a utility to connect our world on a compassionate level.

Think back to just a few decades ago. When you picture charitable giving, what comes to mind? Maybe you remember the bells ringing outside of retail shops–or maybe you simply mailed a check. Maybe you’d casually toss a few coins into the fountain at the museum. No matter what the process was–generous giving has now upgraded to digital.

Charitable and non-profit organizations now have an option to receive their endowments directly from their supporters. Any type of organization can turn their pledge drives into fun and exciting opportunities to give! For example, consider those valuable artistic establishments in your community. Even though these nonprofits charge admission fees, there’s always extra money required at the bottom line. The answer lies within a mobile app platform. A mobile app developer for museums, zoos, and aquariums can develop an app to not only guide patrons–they can receive direct donations as well!

Smartphones are incredibly useful when it comes to health matters. You can track your steps, your distance, and even your calories just by carrying the thing around! As we all know, the world struggles with maintaining a healthy diet. It’s not easy to eat the best food for us–especially when you can find a delicious restaurant on the internet! The solution for better eating lies within all of our kitchens. Specialized apps will track the caloric content of each meal and relay the information back to you. Diet plans can be controlled with the swipe of a finger. The technology doesn’t stop there–even our appliances are connected!

Have you heard about the oven that connects to the internet? It may seem like a sci-fi dream, but you can now actually send recipe and temperature settings directly from your phone! To have a look at the amazing technology offered, check out–they’ve got an amazing array of technological wonders for the kitchen. Imagine choosing a dish online and then sending the settings directly to the oven. All you’d have to do is just some simple prep work!

It’s clear to see just how amazing the internet and smartphone technology really is. Concepts and ideas once thought to be dreams are now realities–and available now more so than ever. The world runs on these platforms and the social benefits of our connectivity are just getting started. The best way to advance any sort of charitable giving? Get it connected online and get the word out there.

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