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The Importance of Choosing a Reliable Hosting for Your Project October 12, 2018

In these days the idea of a business or real existence of a project is inconceivable without being accessible through the global network of connectivity, we are talking of course of internet.
This massive means of multipolar, omnidirectional and decentralized communication allows us to communicate, exchange ideas, create and receive services and anything you want since you still do not find limits on your possibilities. But it also has associated another type of functions that society has been delegating in this technology.

As business and real projects were created, they appeared published on the web, simply as a means of disclosure. Today the roles have been reversed, and that project that does not have an associated web does not exist, since society has learned to trust and to be guided through the internet.
This integration is so strongly linked, that the importance of this medium is vital for the success and continuity of any of the dimensions of your project, so dedicating yourself to achieving it in the best possible way brings enormous associated effects, but more importantly , avoid inherent catastrophic consequences.

That is why we will focus on the most important factors that must be met and implement a web project and start with the central: the hosting mexico service . To do this, we will explore a series of features that all quality hosting should have:

# 1: Uptime or Uptime:

To understand this feature we must understand what the service in general is about. Hosting or hosting is a computer service of storage and connectivity , that is, it allows us to host or store data to access them from any device connected to the Internet.
It is achieved by one or several computers or computers that must be permanently working and connected to the internet, but as this is not always possible, there are a number of hours per year in which they are deactivated and therefore, your website is temporarily inaccessible .

This parameter is measured in percentages and no provider can provide 100% uptime (seriously doubt those who do) because simply any device of this nature needs maintenance for proper operation, so it is impossible.

But what can be achieved is a very close percentage, 99.99% for example, through the implementation of backup technologies and other measures that will cost the company a significant investment, and may be the key factor you need to distinguish to a serious supplier.

# 2: Speed and transfer:

The first one refers to a data exchange rate , the higher this is, the more data will be transmitted simultaneously and therefore, the better the navigation experience will be.

The second refers to the total volume of data exchanged , generally in a period of 30 days, in which, if the maximum limit is reached, the website is deactivated and we must wait for the next period to be available again.

These characteristics are of vital importance when hiring a hosting service, since the speed is what will give a good browsing experience to the user, who will leave the website in question if what he tries to visualize takes more than 6 hours. seconds to load.

Regarding the limit of data transferred or transfer, represents a large percentage in the price of the service, since it is directly related to the number of visitors we can have and the complexity of the website that is being used.

# 3: Number of simultaneous sites:

As you may have guessed, there is not a server for each website, since the costs would be too high (as it happens with the dedicated server service ) so depending on the selling policy of the supplier company, your website will coexist with others belonging to the other clients. All these sites share computational resources.

If the provider is unscrupulous, you will oversell this service to get more out of it and increase your profits, which can make your website slower than expected over time.

In addition, there are other complications that can occur when sharing this service, such as: the reputation of the server you use may be affected if another client uses it to send spam or spam, causing the server to be blacklisted and blocked by the search engines.
Unfortunately there is no parameter that the provider provides us to know this a priori, so we will have to rely on the trust and reputation of this before hiring.

# 4: Technical support:

Here we can find another way to differentiate quality providers. This service has a cost of personnel and other requirements that the provider must face, but it is essential when your web project is more than a simple presentation page.

All moderately complex software can fail and cause problems that we are not used to dealing with, and that can be related to many aspects and factors beyond our control. For this, it is essential to have a support team that responds quickly and takes our problems seriously, in order to keep our website functioning for as long as possible. Also, you must take into account other factors for the success of a web project:

• Recordable domain:
To provide a quick access to the user, since in the world of immediacy this feature can make the difference. In addition, the domain name is the element that represents the entire website itself, so it is also a trusted element.
• Quality content:
Search engines like Google have parameters that they use to position themselves in search results, and one of them is the time that visitors spend within your website. In addition, the user experience has become central to search engines and creating quality content that offers something valuable to users is a highly valued element.
• Attractive and readable visual design and appearance:
It is no use having a quality hosting when the visual experience is overwhelming and annoying. It should be able to visualize in a simple way, so the choice of font or typography, colors, images and other visual resources are relevant factors for the visitor.

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