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Technologies That Can Give Your Business a Boost August 30, 2017

In the past decades, there has been an accentuated connection between technology and the productivity of a business. This happened, mainly because technological means make labour easier, protect the accomplishments of a company in a more efficient manner and increase a business potential in a rather highly competitive environment. This is the reason why specialists in the field advise new business owners to invest first in reputable network equipment and only afterward handle other potential issues. Below is a list of amazing technologies that will help all business owners to increase their business’ productivity levels.

1. Next-gen firewalls

Protecting the sensitive data stored in your servers may be one of the most important goals of a business owner. Also, restricting the employee’s access to certain pages is yet another thing to consider when it comes to maintaining or even boosting your business’ productivity. Luckily, when it comes to next-gen firewalls, the word of order seems to be “control”. And this is what many businesses lack. We have listed below some of the greatest benefits that investing in such products, has.

  • User control and management – highly appreciated amongst all users seems to be next-gen firewalls’ capability of letting them select their own privacy specs. Because of them, these products can easily be used to block certain individual’s access to various segments of the databases.
  • Faster administration process – next-gen firewalls come with the amazing advantage of faster response time when it comes to deployment, troubleshooting, and various management processes, which comes as a big plus inside of a business.
  • Increased speed – although they handle traffic more efficiently, they also offer extra speed when it comes screening performances, without decreasing their efficiency.
  • Priority traffic options – the user can easily manage traffic options from nonstandard ports, which make it highly useful for business purposes.
  • Flexible blocking functions – next-gen firewalls are great at blocking specific features, functions or tools of specific web pages.

These aspects are improving greatly a business’ productivity levels, because the owner of the business and the IT department can work together to improve the system’s and worker’s productivity.

Technologies that can give your business a boost2

2. Build a business app

When it comes to productivity, our era requires for various channels for reaching the client. Years back, the go-to option was building an official web page. Nowadays since people tend to use less personal computers and laptops, the necessity of creating an app suitable for their smart devices emerged. And many have found that building an app brought them more profits than initially expected.  Not only these products help you reach potential buyers in an easier fashion, but they also help you create revenue by placing ads on them. Or, although this is not an ideal situation, you could charge people when downloading your app. But keep in mind that you may lose an important amount of your potential buyers by doing so. Discuss your option with an app development agency and see what option suits your particular situation better.

3. Invest in accounting software products

Accounting may be one of the most difficult tasks a department must juggle with. Maintaining accurate financial reports is difficult if you choose it to do it the old-fashioned way. Accounting is the proof of profits, expenses and other financial records. The accounting department in a company can be easily considered its backbone. This is why nowadays investing in an accounting software product may determine how productive your company is.

  • It provides data accuracy – regardless of your business’ dimensions, you should make sure that all your financial records are as accurate as possible. Accounting software products raise the standards when it comes to data accuracy, which makes them the perfect option for companies of all dimensions, especially because they eliminate human errors. These products generate automatically spread sheets and calculations, financial reports and so on, on their own. So humans play a small role and are less likely to make unforgivable mistakes.
  • It will save your employees plenty of time – with pre-set instructions, these products help employees handling accounting tasks to accomplish them faster, and as a result deliver faster results. This oftentimes translates into more productivity and profitability.
  • Faster inventory – if your business is managing inventory, then you certainly are familiar with your stock’s importance. Luckily, these products come with stock and inventory settings, making these tasks considerably easier than they were previously.

4. CRM software products, for retail business owners

Short for Customer Relationship Management, these software products might in fact help a small enterprise increase its notoriety on the local market. The key to building a successful retail business is building a healthy relationship with your customers. These software products will help you to increase customer’s loyalty and sell your ideas and prospects in a more efficient fashion. Long story short, these software products will help you track your customers and identify those segments in which they seem to be particularly interested. Also, these software products will help you keep in touch with them via e-mail, phone and by doing this, you will increase their loyalty and your profitability.

5. Build a LinkedIn profile

Technologies that can give your business a boost3

If you want to improve your online presence, then LinkedIn may be the perfect solution. Many tend to see this platform as an online marketing Mecca. And truth be told, especially for start-up businesses, it may be more relevant to create such a profile, rather than investing in an official web page for your company. Although it may be time-consuming, make an effort and create a complete profile. Not many appreciate LinkedIn profiles with gaps into them. It is the best to profit from this platform to create a complete profile for your business, because you can use recommendations from other LinkedIn members. This small, yet significant extra feature that will advantage you and your business.

These technological means, whether they are hardware, like next generation firewalls, or software products, are very likely to improve your business’ image on the local market, as well as boost the productivity levels that your company will experience throughout the years.

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