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Starting Your Own Educational Platform – Things to Pay Attention to October 31, 2018

Starting your own learning or training courses is a very effective way of using your knowledge and potentially valorizing it. In our world, learning is cheap. If you use the wisdom found online, you will most likely end up quite skilled in a domain of choice. If you have some knowledge in a certain field, you can always share it with the less gifted out there and even make money, if your audience is wide enough. Below are some tips on how to create a learning platform that is engaging, even without the slightest trace of coding skills.

Knowing Vs. Understanding

Over the past few years, “googling” has become a verb. No matter the type of information that you need some info on, you turn to your laptop or smartphone and within 2 minutes, we are able to learn whatever information interests us. The unimaginable amounts of information that we can find online make the teaching and learning process a facile and smooth one. If you have a reliable Internet connection, you can turn out to know things you could never imagine, without even spending a minute in a library.

However, even if we enjoy such impressive volumes of information, it’s increasingly difficult to find self-driven people that are willing to dedicate their time and energy to understanding a subject. Undoubtedly, it is an investment, an investment that asks for plenty of time and dedication. It’s difficult in our culture to break the noise of social media platforms and capture one’s attention, intrigue them enough to make them WANT to learn a subject.

But the efforts are worthy because our society cannot afford to function on fast facts and a complete lack of suitable and diverse skills.

MOOCs Boost in Popularity

The good news is, the same technology that allows us to search for information online is forcefully enabling the learning process at a large scale. Massive Open Online Courses boost in popularity and have gained an immense potential in our fast jamming societies. Numerous individuals consider enrolling in top university online courses and others seek knowledge in specific fields online. Practical skill online courses are also increasing in popularity. Virtually, everything that might be useful to one’s professional trajectory is now available online. For some courses, those advanced ones, you have to pay, for entry-level knowledge, you can find completely free resources. Whatever you need, it exists already, somewhere in the vast volumes of online knowledge.

From 30 to 30k

Passionate teachers and instructors look forward to offering people the opportunity of learning online. In their case, what started with a limited number of students per course, is today a project involving thousands of individuals at once. It all revolves around instructor’s passion for teaching and offering others the opportunity to come to understand, not simply know, certain topics and professional areas. It is an effective tool for making others more valuable on the human resource market, and it’s affordable as well. These learning platforms allow thousands of people daily to grow and develop personally and increase their contributions to society.

Powerful economies and solid societies are built on skilled professionals, and these platforms are making this goal an easier one to achieve.

Teaching and Engaging Your Audience

However, not all online courses are created equal. While some do provide impressive volumes of information and the perfect tools to acquire certain skills, others simply exist and provide information. Of course, for a smooth learning process, you need the guidance of an instructor, of a tutor or online teacher.

After all, everybody with similar platforms is trying to “steal” your students. If you want to build a successful online teaching platform, you should definitely attempt at building one that is successfully showing progress in your students and makes them want to constantly learn something new.

Building Your Own Teaching Platform Without Coding

If you want to share the information and the beauty of knowledge out there, you should consider building your own platform, without the help of a coder. And no, we not discussing learning the magic of coding yourself – although it would be possible with the vast amounts of online information – we are discussing other solutions that will definitely help you. You can start by opening a WordPress account and choosing some exquisite templates.

This will allow you to build an amazing online teaching platform that will make the entire learning process easier and smoother for your students.

Some of these templates offer incredible responsiveness and allow teachers to beautifully organize and share their courses, in some of the most effective forms out there. You can simply search online for similar solutions as there are affordable and easy to implement.

Plus, you will shortly become capable of sharing your knowledge in one of the most effective ways. If you offer paid courses, some of these templates even incorporate PayPal payment methods and others integrations of this kind. This is an incredibly effective way of offering and sharing your knowledge.


To offer your knowledge and to contribute to creating a skilled and highly professional society, you don’t necessarily need coding knowledge. You can use the templates available online and build an exquisite teaching an online learning platform.

Online courses have become so popular over the past few years because they offer easy access to professionally structured information. This way, interested people can learn in one of the most effective ways available out there. You should remember the fact that a strong economy is built on knowledge. If you hold knowledge and are able to make others fully understand information, building an online teaching platform may be the best solution for you to bring your fair contribution to society.

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