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Online Marketing – Tips and Tricks for Productive Businesses July 10, 2019

Are you looking to boost the productivity of your business? Well, it might come as no surprise that you need an excellent online marketing strategy in place to accomplish this task. The internet is the dominant platform for your selling yourself, your services and your goods.

However, getting online marketing right can be a challenge. You see, all the businesses and companies that you’re trying to attract? They don’t have any investment in you yet. So you need to be on the ball to make sure that you stand out in a sea of other voices trying to get attention. That’s where we come in, here to provide you with some tips and tricks for online marketing.

Know Your Target Audience

A pretty basic question for anyone who wants to be able to market themselves online is this – who are you trying to attract? If you don’t know your target audience, and we mean properly know them, you can’t hope to be able to appear desirable.

If your target demographic is businesses operating in one particular area, then your services need to be fine-tuned to match that. If you’re looking to attract a specific type of customer, then you need to try and make sure you are appealing to their needs and requirements. It’s all about fine-tuning to suit the situation.

Format Your Advertising

There’s one thing about advertising and marketing online that you need to appreciate. It’s all down to how you format it. Confused? Let us explain.

Formatting is everything when it comes to marketing. How you lay out your advertisements, how your services display to a potential customer or client – it all makes a massive difference. It’s easy to find yourself losing out on potential opportunities because you did not effectively format. When you’re stuck for ideas on how to do this, check out some of your rivals – what are they doing?


Blogging can be a lot of help for you and your advertising. It’s a space where you can accomplish many things all at once. Promoting your services, establishing yourself as an industry expert and connecting with potential customers and clients are all benefits to an excellent blog.

We appreciate that it can be tricky to sit down and write if it isn’t a strong suit of yours. So if you need to hire out a professional, don’t worry! It’s a worthwhile investment for driving traffic to your site. Plus, with guest posts being an option, there’s more than one way to do things.

Personify Desirable Characteristics

Online marketing is all about the message you’re sending out to people. You’re creating an advertisement or an image that gives people a specific idea of who you are and what you can offer.

Therefore, it’s a bit like writing a motivation letter. While they focus on saying the right things to make themselves presentable for the role, you’re going to need to personify the characteristics which will make you desirable to clients. If the need is for a reliable service, you need to prove you can be reliable. Alternatively, you need to showcase your versatility if clients are looking for a flexible set of services.

Optimize Your Website

So, imagine the website as being your main headquarters. All the magic happens there, so to speak. Every marketing technique that you have implemented and introduced into your overall strategy is designed to lead customers back to the website. There, they can browse your full set of services, make a purchase or get in contact to query something.

However, when they do head to your site, it doesn’t work and is full of bugs and viruses. How disappointing is that? You’ve wasted all this time on your marketing only to fall at such a basic hurdle. Well, you’re not going to be successful unless you take the time to optimise your website for the modern audience. It needs to be easy to navigate, responsible and be cross-device – users want to access sites on desktops and on the go. If you do all those things, marketing becomes a lot easier.

Use Social Media

Here’s the thing about an excellent social media package. It serves to remind us that technology is what we make of it. Some people use their social media for fun and to post pictures of cats. However, in the hands of someone with a keen eye for business, social media becomes a powerful tool for reaching people and introducing new forms of marketing.

What we’re saying is that you need to introduce social media into your business. If you’ve not got a full set of socials, then change that right away – they don’t cost anything to use! However, the potential reach is massive. You can connect with businesses, customers, gain promotional opportunities and use the site however you wish. It’s too good a marketing opportunity to pass up, so you need to make sure you are using it effectively.

Manage Your Reputation

How you are seen on the internet can be so important. Your online reputation will affect marketing, so make sure that you are meticulous with how you manage it.

Look online for reviews of your brand. Where possible, ask people what you can do to improve. Make a note of what was popular and what needs work. It’s not difficult to spend an hour checking the major review sites, but it does help to ensure you’re maintaining a good reputation and continually evolving. That’s the benefit of online marketing – you can tailor things to suit your situation with ease.

Overall, these are just some of the different things that you can do to make sure that you are effectively marketing online. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to accomplish, in honesty. It could be a new service or selling your products to people – the marketing remains more or less the same. The core principles are so vital. If you can get those right, you’ll see success when it comes to improving the quality of your interactions and potential opportunities to do business.

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