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Modern Web Design Tips for Financial Service Websites February 3, 2020

Whether you are offering fast loans, allowing your users to calculate their federal income taxes or they are on your financial website for sending money to a friend or family member, the usability of the website can make or break the user experience. That is the reason, the overall appearance of a financial services website must be heartening, sleek, confident, and professional too.

An appealing and well-developed web design relies on clear, straightforward information and the way you present different elements and aspects of the website in front of the user. For instance, creative use of a visual hierarchy to indicate useful content just like a free quote, contact details and other offers give your site a better feel by letting users know that you have put together their needs to the top.

When designing a financial services website, it is most vital that you are careful about users’ needs and come up with a web design that is truly impressive and easy to navigate as well. To help you make the design of your financial website user-friendly and appealing, we have listed some web designing tips that can help you stand out.

Keep the Layout Simple

Whether you are a lender that can help customers resolve their financial issues or providing a money transfer service on your website, keep your users away from clutter and provide them with a neat and clean layout. Design your home page with little and most relevant information to help users find exactly what they need in real-time. If you have more service to offer, then create a different page for each service and creatively link those pages to the homepage. A financial services website should be designed in a professional manner by using a branded color scheme to grab the attention of users quickly to your services.

Opt for a Mobile-friendly Site

In this advanced era of technology, more and more people use mobile devices to access their favorite websites and other online resources. And if you don’t have a mobile-friendly site, then you are on your way to losing your valuable users as people will instantly bounce away from your site if it is not performing well on mobile devices. The mobile-friendly design will not only improve user experience but will also boost your SEO to help you rank higher in search engines like Google as they recently have announced mobile-first indexing.

Strong Call to Actions

A call to action is a simple way to let your customers know what you want them to do. Strong and creatively placed call to actions not only improve user experience but helps you secure more leads as well. Always try to make it easy for users to go through the buying process conveniently without creating irritation. Strategically placed CTAs gives your web design an appealing and professional appearance and can impact ROI in a great way. If you are not an expert in graphic designing, then you can use free graphic designing tools or can hire an expert to get CTAs designed in a professional manner.

Publish Authoritative Content

A good financial services website is always informative, engaging and appealing loaded with convincing content. Along with making web design of financial website appealing, create a blog for your site too in order to provide your audience with quality and informative content on a regular basis to keep them engaged with your site. Make sure you publish authoritative and informative content in different forms like informative visuals, problem-solving text, interesting videos and tools that can help users solve their issues and queries. By publishing quality and relevant content on your financial services website blog, you can become an authority in the industry to add more value to the site and services. Make use of target keywords in your content, titles, and descriptions to make sure your content will appear in more searches.

Use Simple Menus to Direct Users to Important Pages

Site navigation is one of the vital web designing elements that can make or break the user experience of your site. So, try to use simple, clutter-free and easily understandable menus on your social media services website to help users find what they want and need. Easy to navigate web design helps visitors to jump to the desired pages without going through the entire landing page. Also, be sure to add important pages like contact, about and privacy policy, etc. to your site so users can get the necessary details and information quickly.

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