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Logo Design: Attracting the Right Audience December 6, 2016

Websites are the modern equivalent of a storefront. Everything about them is designed to invite the customer in and move them through a sequence of product displays that encourage them to make a purchase.
Besides the user experience and the products themselves, “everything” includes the brand’s logo. Think of a logo as a window display. Its job is to catch the audience’s attention and make them want to interact with the brand.


That makes your job as a web designer a lot harder. You’re probably new to the world of logo design, and you probably thought logos simply had to represent the brand you were designing for. Now, come to find out, it has to both represent the brand and capture the target audience’s imagination.
Fortunately, the team at Company Folders are logo design pros. They’ve created this inspirational guide to help you start creating compelling web logos in no time.

Be enticing

The first step is to gather research about your audience. Learn who they are, what they like and dislike, where they live and work, and what they do for fun. The more you know, the more effectively your logo design can appeal to their wants and needs.

Be unique

You’re probably aware that companies in the same industry tend to have similar branding. They may use the same colors or a specific logo symbol. But these look-alike logos run together in consumers’ minds—if your design doesn’t stand out, they’ll forget about you. Be aware of industry conventions, but think of ways to make your logo special.

Be timeless

The web is a rapidly evolving landscape. But redesigning your logo every time a new technology comes out would be a huge pain. That’s why your logo should be based on timeless elements that can survive some ups and downs. Don’t think that’s possible? Think again. Coca-Cola’s 100+ year old logo has made a flawless transition to the web.

Be new

Being timeless doesn’t mean your logo has to be a fossil from the past. It should have ties to the past, yet still focus on the future with one or two bold new elements. Think of how you can add a modern twist to your font choice, amp up the color palette, or make another adaptation to create a more innovative logo.

Be simple

Logos are like a message in a bottle—there’s never a book crammed inside. There’s just a single note. In the same way, your logo should convey one message to your target audience. Take out any unnecessary information that distracts from this. (The message will be unique for each logo, but it should always encourage customers to interact with the brand.)

Be consistent

Once you’ve chosen your one message, you need to make design choices that say the same thing. If your logo is supposed to say, “This product is great for women!” then choosing a masculine shape like a triangle creates an inconsistent message. Be aware of how shapes, symbols, spaces, colors, and fonts can make your design contradict itself.

Be adaptable

Your logo is designed for the web. But clients have a way of taking web logos to crazy places, like print design. You’ll want to prepare for this transition by checking that your logo is scalable to a variety of sizes and works in grayscale or color.
Designing a logo that appeals to your audience takes time, patience, and hard work. But you can make the process easier when you use these seven simple tips for attracting the right audience with your logo.


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