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Image Moderation: the Best Competitive Tool March 14, 2019

User-Generated Content or commonly known as UGC is the best digital and trusted platform for all the customers to scrutinize their brands and assess the services that they want to use. There are various types of moderations for different types of contents used by the users in the community amongst which is image moderation. Images strongly impact a user’s attention because it has the ability to capture solid samples and attractions which symbolizes how the service industry works. The impact that these images make on the user’s end emotionally is commendable for which this type of moderation is ruling the markets amongst top companies.

The Logo representing the brand makes a successful impact on the customer’s mindset that possibly attracts someone to buy or invest in their products. All these promotional banners hugely benefit the manufacturers or retailers and they earn hefty amounts of profits out of it. As images capture anyone’s attention and assist in growing your business to a greater extent, image moderation is becoming an effective tool that everyone is opting for. These graphical images are used to convey assertive messages if cannot be expressed via writing or by word of mouth. There are lots of instances people come across where words just fell short to explain the characteristic of the product, hereby images playing a vital role in conveying the message to a larger audience with ease.

What is image moderation and how it helps in branding?

Moderation services are usually an expensive need for a brand to advertise their products and services. As of today, there are lots of enhancements that have come into existence due to consistent and extensive modification to the image industry. Specifically, moderating any image of a product has been modernized with some special effects added to the image, making it more attractive to capture the customer’s attention within seconds. Brands generally invest a huge amount of wealth in hiring the best image moderators so as to engage the correct audience and reduce any risks involved by the internet users who may potentially harm them and their reputation. Reviewing and monitoring images commonly involves eliminating offensive and any vulgar pictures that promote any explicit content getting into a public attraction.

Moderation Guidelines to attract customers

Images are the easiest and simplest method for humans to process in their minds and influence people cognitively as well as emotionally.

Some key factors to keep in mind:

–    Format – setting up formats in your images and keeping the correct sizes add meaning to your picture and it certainly starts to look sensible. Analyzing the size of an image is also a necessary aspect to stress upon as people don’t want their storage devices to occupy more space by your downloading the image promoting your content. In addition to this, it becomes easier for anyone to upload in the advertisement portals as this process becomes quicker.

–    Context – this is also the necessary element for any image moderator to consider as, without any context or details of your image, your promotions would go for a toss. The moderator of your brand should know the basics in order to set the appropriate theme and add sensible features to the image attracting the customer’s attention within a glimpse. Make sure the context of the image should set a remark in a human’s brain which would attract them to buy or invest in your product. Checking the accuracy and keeping a focus on the facts are also necessary elements as the images.

–    Originality – As people are getting smarter day by day positively, it is necessary to keep your content original and not plagiarized, as all the images irrespective of the photography or editing are subject to the intellectual rights. Hence, it is crucial to make sure that your image and the content included are original to avoid any complications in the later stage. In some cases, images or topics are sensitive and are often subjected to people’s sentimental opinions, so just an additional check would be a safe and secure way of approach to moderate your image.

Image moderation can be done by two means –automatically or manually. The main factor distinguishing between these two methods is the implementation of guidelines which are given to have a control check on the images being depicted on a larger scale in their brand’s websites or any public community. If you want to know more about Image moderation, click on the link to know about the features, expenses and any other queries.

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