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How Videos Helps in Driving Conversions and Traffic? August 21, 2015

Videos have become hugely popular as their use is highly important for ecommerce. The product videos mainly have an amazing capability to enhance conversions and drive traffic by assisting users to value your products and offer the customers with better information about the products that you put forward them. Though this can be attained via the use of images, copywriting and user reviews, but videos play the most successful way of showcasing any products and its benefits to your customers and visitors.


In different times various kinds of videos should be utilized to assist your visitors associate with your products and services. We’ve shared here 10 different ways how to use the videos to increase conversions and traffic at the correct time during the sales cycle.

  1. Enhance conversions with product videos

As many website visitors generally purchase a product after they watch a video related to it, you can produce short promotional videos that display the features and the major advantages of your products, and thus exhibit on your site. The video should describe your product in a light tone.

  1. Videos create good content

The video that shares about your product description online should have good content stuffs. So you should make sure to make ideal content or copywriting in short and clear way that should directly convey your visitors about the usability of the product that has been advertised.

  1. Videos building customer relationships

Marketers want to build loyal and long-lasting relationships with their customers. Nowadays they engage their shoppers or make them entertain by small videos of their brands displayed on their site so that the consumers can get connected quickly to their brand and make their mind to buy their product.

  1. Videos provide shoppers with more product information

Product videos put on the ecommerce websites can offer your shoppers with better and more information regarding your products that include how your product appears like, or what are benefits of that product which will help the shoppers greatly. The video can easily suggest lot many product information in a solid way. It can also insert some emotions and create a demanding effect that can catch eyes of the viewers.

  1. Videos are very simple to share on social media

Due to its easy sharing on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more, the videos add to more conversions and SEO clicks for the ecommerce websites. Many of the online retailers are now letting their video contents to be inserted on the other websites.

  1. Drive traffic along with how-to videos

Viewers get attracted by seeing how-to videos that may influence them to buy that product. If the users have any problem, that gets solved after they view the how-to videos of using it and get proper solutions. You should just focus on training your audiences in step-by-step process.

  1. Increasing sales with video ads

Recently the online video ads are reflected as the most effectual online ad medium, and 75% ad agencies state that the online video ads are actually more valuable than the TV advertising. The video includes a click-through rate which hits usual ads by factor of 3. Thus you can craft video ads related to your product and then upload it on YouTube as well as Facebook. You can even craft short videos for Instagram and Vine. You’ll get huge responses from these ads.

  1. Craft social proof with testimonials

If you exhibit customer testimonials, then it is considered as one of the strongest methods to exchange your value towards a site visitor. You can even inquire from your loyal customers if they are intending to do recording of a testimonial exclusively for your business. You can even organize an event and communicate with your customers directly. You can describe about your products and convince them that they are the best in the market giving them superb solutions and benefits.

  1. Retargeting site visitors

When you are using video marketing, one of its most strongest is retargeting website visitors who visit your site or YouTube, but did not turn back for any reason. Thus on Facebook, you can craft a custom audience in order to retarget your visitors from a particular product page or your front page. On YouTube page, you can even begin a fresh new campaign and make a video remarketing list. From here you can then select whichever YouTube video you want to do promotion while implementing on a video campaign.

Hence, the above ways must have taught you how you can benefit from the videos to assist enhance the conversions and traffic, and expand your online business.

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