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How to Write an Excellent User Guide- The Ultimate Guide June 11, 2018

The user guide is a small booklet or document usually enclosed with the packing of a product, device or software and provides users with right directions for operating it prolifically or FAQs that they might have in their minds about a particular device, product or software etc. Writing successful user manuals always includes focussing on users’ tasks and notions that may help them make the tasks successful and streamlined.

Creating user manuals for your products can be a problematic task for you if you are not a technical writer. However, you can find best tips to write an excellent user guide in this article to make your piece of writing amazing for your users. Not only good technical writing skills but many other things can make your instruction manuals great. I state some of them below:

Identify your objective first

If you have a good idea about objective behind the user guide writing, you will be able to include all essential details and information in your document to make sense for the users. After identifying the objective, you can develop an outline for the document to decide which information should be placed on which area of the manual. Getting started with an outline always keeps your users away from overloading of the too much information and details that they may don’t want to learn.

Be brief and detailed

You should always keep your user guide brief and detailed to make it great. Never try to stuff it with a lot of content to make it longer but always try to provide to the point and easily digestible information for the ease of users. Make every word count you are typing to insert in your user guide because too many words can cause overloaded information and trouble for the users as well.

Create a table of contents for it

The table of contents is the most essential element of an instruction manual that helps readers to go through the manual effectively. Adding the table of contents is one of the best tips to write a great user guide that you should consider while creating one for your products. It will also help your users to find the required information or details quickly without shifting pages to pages.

Make it easy to read and understand

Easy to read and understand content will help users to digest the required information resourcefully. Adding lists to your manuals could be a great way to make it easily understandable for users as they can smoothly go through the process to make operations effectual. You can also make use of an appropriate user guide template to get started in a significant way as well as to complete your document ingeniously.

Use visuals to make it appealing

Adding diagrams or images that show step by step guide to operate or control a product is one of the best tips to write an excellent user guide as they can make it easily understandable and appealing for the users. Most of the companies also insert video tutorials and presentations as supporting materials in their user manuals for the ease of users.

Review it for typos and other errors

You have successfully accomplished the final copy of user guide, but you should review it for typos and other error types to make it spotless before giving it the final look (either a printed document or soft file). You can also have an individual who has never read the document before to collect valuable feedback for the work done. You should not avoid any negative comments regarding your work as they can help you improve it for end users.

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