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How To Optimize The Speed Of Your WordPress Website April 21, 2020

For WordPress site owners, loading speed is a primary concern. Studies show that even a one second time delay leads to an 11% drop in page views. This decreases customer satisfaction by up to 16%. These numbers only account for a one second delay. The conversion rates for slower speeds are much more dire. Anything slower than the blink of an eye (0.4 seconds) will cause users to do less.

Your loading speed effects every aspect of your WordPress site. This includes SEO, user experience, and overall traffic. Search engine rankings are also impacted by website speed. These algorithms push slow loading sites to the bottom of their ranking lists. It is thus essential for WordPress site owners to employ methods that maintain a reliable speed along with great web design. Continue reading to learn how to optimize the speed of your WordPress site.

Use High-Performance Hosting

A major factor that influences your website speed is your hosting provider. A WordPress hosting company handles storing all of your website data. This includes images, content, videos, and more. This information resides on a server in your host’s data center. There are three main available option for hosting providers. These include shared, managed, and DIY VPS WordPress hosting services. Shared WordPress hosting, for example, is often the slowest hosting option. This is because shared hosts tend to overcrowd their servers. For the fastest load speeds, look for a company that provides your WordPress site with a VPS (virtual private server.) You can choose a hosting service that manages this server for you or you can opt to do it yourself (DIY). Either way, it is essential to choose a high-performance hosting provider to ensure the fastest website load speeds.

Choose A Lightweight Theme

Another effective way to improve your website load speed is to choose a lightweight theme. Themes are a decisive factor when it comes to website speed. If you’re looking for options, check out these 10 fastest wordpress themes. Complex themes provide a bloated framework filled with unnecessary features. These features contain complex codes and plugins that take longer to load. Even when you are not necessarily using these features, they will slow your website to a crawl. A simple, lightweight WordPress theme will provide you with speedy loading times. Upload a streamlined template or use one of the optional themes available on your WordPress home page. Pick a theme that has just what you need, especially for starting an online business. This way, your website will run as efficiently as possible. Choose a lightweight framework for your WordPress site to ensure fast loading speeds.

Utilize Containers

You can also maximize your WordPress loading speeds by utilizing containers. Docker, for example, is an open-source container technology that simplifies hosting for WordPress sites. Docker’s containers are available to any WordPress site users hosting on a virtual private server. Docker’s containers enable users to easily migrate environments from one server to another. This ensures that WordPress loads quickly on any server or hardware. Containers also make it easier for users to scale their sites without sacrificing speed. Search for containers to use with WordPress using a container registry. This repository will provide you with a reliable code to maximize the efficiency of your site on all platforms. Utilize containerization technology to improve the loading time on your WordPress site.

Optimize Your Images

Another effective way to improve your load speed is to optimize the images on your WordPress site. Images are one of the biggest drains on your site’s resources. They require significant server space and bandwidth. This is especially true for high-quality images in a gallery or online store. Large files negatively affect loading times. Thus, site owners can use image optimization tools to compress images effectively. These tools compress the size of image files without noticeably affecting picture quality. This process is easy to do and can even be automated. Optimizing image files preserves bandwidth. Sites are thus better able to load more efficiently. Optimize the images on your WordPress site for better loading times.

Install A Caching Plugin

Lastly, install a caching plugin to improve the loading speed of your website. This plugin stores the final view of your site for any future users. This way, it does not have to be generated for every subsequent page view. Cached data includes HTML, JS, and CSS code. This improves user experience by increasing your WordPress page performance. It also reduces download times and provides one-click content delivery network integration. You can choose from a variety of solid cache plugin options on the WordPress site itself. You can also employ a third party service for additional capabilities. Install a caching plugin to improve the speed of your WordPress site further.

The speed of any website is essential for visitor engagement and performance. Luckily, there are several methods to ensure your WordPress site loads quickly. Choose a high-performance hosting network that provides your site with a virtual private server. Pick a lightweight theme with only necessary features. Utilize containers to ensure quick loading times on any device. Use optimization tools to compress your site’s images. Install a caching plugin to present data effectively. These are some effective methods for how to optimize the speed of your WordPress site.

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