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How to Improve Your Sites Organic Reach with Facebook and Instagram August 1, 2020

The current perception is that Facebook is one of the places that a business should ensure it leverages as a source of traffic. In fact, it’s not just a perception, it’s the actual trust. More people are using Facebook and their preferred social media platforms to find local and small businesses versus any other platform or online method.

With a total base of more than 2.5 billion active users on Instagram and Facebook combined, there is simply no better way to attract new audiences, while also converting existing ones into loyal customers and revenue. This is also why both platforms have made the process of running ads on social media extremely fast and easy.

The sophisticated social media platforms have advanced their technology to reach more people organically. Even if you had to make use of ads, it is relatively cheap to do so.

Yet, the competition has grown fierce, and you may have experienced a decline in your organic reach on your website and social media.

How do you improve the situation?

As a starting point, it’s essential to understand that using Facebook and Instagram can bring you more traffic and you know which tools to use. If you are aware of certain boosting facts then no need to use Instagram automation tool or any kind of growth tool, perhaps you can get organic boosting.

In this post, we’ll share the most popular tactics and strategies that will help you to improve your organic reach with Facebook and Instagram.

Do not post daily

Many experts believe that posting daily will yield the best benefits and reach on social media. This is often not the case, as it leads to burnout and content fatigue. Also, your content may start to become monotonous over time.

This is something that has also been proven in the world of content creation and blogging. The more content you push out there, the more likely you are to spread your site too thin and then not end up ranking for any keywords. With social media, it’s more about cluttering up your brand pages and leaving your audience with a mess to make their way through.

The same is true with email marketing and how you need to approach the inbox of customers and subscribers to your email list. Most legitimate brands and businesses will only send out a mailing when they have something really important to share, or when a new product or promotion is in place.

When you post less, you will give your audience a chance to take in your current content and crave more. And Instagram and Facebook’s organic reach has declined, which has led to many businesses looking elsewhere for reach.

This bodes well for you. You can now spend more time finding the best content and creating content to reach your target audience and bring them over to your website.

Work on your brand

Successful companies know that branding matters. The same is true for Facebook and Instagram. The mandate has now become to create a consistent profile for all of your social media.

Since Facebook and Instagram are the biggest, you may wish to create cohesion using a professionally designed logo, graphics, and content. Now, it’s also easy to develop these yourself using Adobe Spark or Canva.

When your brand message is clear and consistent, it tells your customers that you are a business they can trust, and they will be more easily swayed when they see your content, and they will check out your website too.

Instagram is also great because it offers the ability to edit posts after they go live. This is something many users on the platform don’t realize, but it can come in quite handy if you are a brand and want to update a picture or status update that started to go viral.

Another way to improve your brand is always to grow your following, which can be done through daily original content, using hashtags and also following users that your competition has already accumulated over the years.

Increase your following

If you’ve seen a Facebook or Instagram page with a small following, you may have hesitated to give them a follow or visit their website. Why is this? Well, it’s human nature to look for social proof that your business is a reputable one. One type of social proof is the follower count.

Usually, if your follower count is 10000 and above, you get a much better reception from people visiting your page. They are more prone to follow you and visit your website.

Additionally, if you do run ads, you may find it’s better to grow your Facebook and Instagram page before running ads. A user on Instagram or Facebook will look for signs of authority before making any purchase with your company.

Increasing your following is a straightforward affair, and you get more followers on Instagram to increase your social proof and brand authority.

Boost posts and remarketing options

Perhaps you’ve had moments where you create content, and you know it’s pure gold, so you want everyone interested in your niche to see it. Even more so, you want them to gain value from your content.

In this case, Facebook and Instagram make it easy for you to boost a post and increase its exposure. You may find for a mere $50; it will explode the reach on your post and drive people to your website. However, there are other times when boosting simply isn’t the best option and it just leads to more financial loss.

For times like these, it’s better to explore your options with paid ads and running remarketing campaigns. Both of these methods have proven to be extremely effective in driving traffic from Facebook to websites. In either of these options, you can better target your audience and know who is going to see your individual ad sets–and if you get really good at the tweaking and targeting process, you will likely save a lot more money and see higher ROI over the course of your campaigns.

The biggest tip here is that you should focus on boosting only your best content because it will be stickier for your customer and will persuade them to stay on your website and buy something.

Final Thoughts

Facebook and Instagram are great social media sites for most businesses as they continue to have broad reach according to the latest statistics from Facebook. As discussed, they have a wide range of users in various age groups, who also have the buying power to bring in profits.

Mainly though most businesses have seen a decline in their organic reach due to the sheer volume of competition right now, as you know with many options, your potential customers may opt to use a competitor.

But you can always change that. You can think differently about how you make use of Facebook and Instagram and try innovative approaches.

Older approaches of posting often worked in the past, but that may lead to content fatigue and push your customers away. Think of posting less, but make every post great. Use Facebook enhanced targeting and ad features to your benefit. Keep trying and experimenting with new approaches, and always stay ahead of the curve.

Did you find this post on How to improve your organic reach with Facebook and Instagram useful? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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