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How to Get More Followers on Instagram November 18, 2020

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites in the world. Besides entertainment, it is a place for serious content marketers, business owners, and audience influencers. With over a billion Instagram users and an ultra-smart algorithm, Instagram is an excellent platform to grow your following. If you want to become Instagram famous, you have to work your way up. The best way to accomplish this is to apply Instagram hacks to our social media strategies. Continue reading to learn how to get more followers on Instagram.

Branded Hashtag.

Create a dedicated, custom, or branded hashtag to attract attention. A branded hashtag allows you to build a collection of your best content. When a potential follower sees you in another targeted tag, they will check your top posts before deciding to follow you. Create a dedicated hashtag for each of your Instagram market campaigns so that you can sound less promotional. Your followers will use these campaign hashtags, which will then capture the attention of their followers. If they get interested in your content, they will follow you.

Instagram Reels.

Instagram introduced a new video feature called Reels, which is at the new main navigation bar. Instagram Reels allow you to record up to 30-second video clips set to music. With Instagram pushing Reels at the front of their site, more users will browse and share Reels. Instead of seeing Reels only from accounts you follow, Instagram allows you to see them from all accounts. As such, Instagram Reels can go viral. Create a Reel video and share it on your feed and Explore Page to increase your reach and get a chance to go viral. Since Reels is still a new feature, you can take advantage of it before competition increases.

IGTV Series.

IGTV is another vital Instagram feature. With the IGTV tab on your profile, you can easily align with your audience. Creating an IGTV series provides you with an excellent way to connect with your followers while attracting new audiences. Think about what kind of video would interest your target audience and create constant content. In 2020, video content seems to be more engaging than the feed. With more eyes on your videos, you can increase your reach.


If you want to grow organic followers, work with micro-influencers. While highly followed accounts may be tempting, they may not be the best for your brand. Micro-influencers of between 10k to 100k followers provide the best engagement and reach. The best thing about these influencers is that you will not fight for their attention. They also have fewer sponsored posts, and they tend to have a specific interest or niche.

Go Live.

Video is currently the best way to increase your reach. Instagram Live is among the best ways to use video to engage your followers. Instagram Live is an unedited video stream where your audience can submit comments and questions in real time. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most brands now use Instagram Live because of its endless content options. You can host shows, tutorials, and tournaments, and even showcase your products to increase your sales.

In addition to these tips, Growthoid states can supplement your Instagram growth. Growthoid uses an actual person to engage with followers, generating more interest in your profile.

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