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How to Connect With Potential Clients Through Blogging in 2018 January 9, 2018

As 2017 came to an end, most companies are now thinking about things they will do and the strategies to employ to retain their existing clients in 2018.

The New Year looks exciting to the digital sector, and so the industry is looking forward to implementing emerging platforms and technology to boost their marketing campaigns. This post looks at the trends that will be of great prominence in the New Year. In this case, if you are looking forward to making the most out of your blogging business then we would advise you to visit to learn more appertaining to these trends.

Content creation

Great content will remain the king in 2018 and even beyond. Platforms like Forbes and Amazon which use machine-generated content will still need the services of a human editor to review the work as it moves from one stage to another. Writing articles, scheduling media posts, and generating content to read will remain critical in the coming years. All marketers will strive to try and create dynamic content in the years to come. The content created is expected to be free from plagiarism, improved in quality and will be based on keywords.

Chatting on website

Chatting on the website has become common and is now the biggest interaction interface. Chat boots allow for real-time interaction which makes it easier to convince and persuade the client to buy a given service or product. It helps marketing campaigns perform even better.

Digital Assistants and Voice Search

Digital assistants are likely to change the way we communicate. It is becoming popular because human beings can speak over 150 words per minute but can only type less than 50 words per minute. It is fast, no wonder that 50% of all the searches that were conducted last year were voice searches. In fact, the future of SEO will be anchored on conversational content.

Visual search

The importance of visual search cannot be ignored. Search engines have come up with their form of visual technologies that give them more reliable results. It is called Ephemeral content which is popularly used on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. It gives better visibility as they come in the form of videos and can be used for promotional purposes. Already, Binge has introduced image-based search engine that helps the user to select a product from a larger image.

Rank Brain

It is a program developed by Google which helps to process search engine queries. The program will be responsible for future ranking procedures. It is thus, Googles number one ranking factor. The program is evolving fast, learns new queries, adapts to changes and revises search engine results. Unlike the conventional ranking which has been flooding the SERPs with spammy results, RankBrain allows content that is valuable to the user to survive. Google algorithms are becoming more dynamic and have improved user experience and so, will improve user engagement greatly.

Big Data

It refers to creating extensive information using behavioral and predictive analytics. Currently, we can use big data to process information strategically. Big data is already becoming important in the digital marketing field, and so the marketers should be prepared to use it to improve technical SEO. As more content is utilized, the search engines should be able to convert this into semantic information. This will help marketers to position themselves and improve the technical SEO website. As more content is published, the search engine will convert it into semantics.

These are just some of the changes that we expect in the New Year. Adapting to this changes will help them stay ahead of their competitors. Conventional SEO is going to change, and so there is need to plan the strategies we shall employ in 2018.

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