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How to Accelerate Your Career in Search Engine Marketing? August 6, 2018

If you love to spend time on the internet and eager to explore how digital marketing actually works then you can opt for a career in search engine marketing.

Search Engine Marketing is an area that deals with advertisements on blogs, websites, social media and search engines. In simpler words, advertisers pay to the publishers to display their brand and to earn conversions.

As a Search Engine Marketer, you can easily earn thousands of dollars each month right from the start of your career.

Wanna accelerate your career inĀ  Search Engine Marketing? Follow the below steps:

1- Read The Top Blogs

Before you jump to actually start working on client projects, you need to understand how search engines and internet advertisement models work. Hence, your first step is to read the top blogs related to the industry and gain a lot of knowledge. I am listing a few of the top blogs on Search Engine Marketing that you can start reading from today:

2- Earn The Right Certifications

Although a college degree is not required for a career in search engine marketing,I highly recommend it. Especially computer science or programming degrees because it can help you learn the essential technical skills that can be extremely valuable in this career field. Here are some recommended degree programs and courses:

3- Attend Popular Conferences

You need to attend the top events in order to learn about the latest happenings around the industry and to seek professional guidance from the top SEM industry experts. Some of the top industry events to attend are:

  • Benchmark Search Conference
  • Search Marketing Expo
  • Insight Marketing Conference
  • State of Search
  • Local Search Summit
  • PubCon
  • YoastCon

4- Sharpen Your Skills

What differentiates a great marketer from a good marketer? His skills! If you want to reach the zenith of your career then you need to have a good hand at the following skills:

  • Writing and editing HTML.
  • Planning and managing online advertising campaigns.
  • Developing and testing new keywords.
  • Select goals and KPIs.
  • Define target audiences.
  • Regular updation of blogs and RSS feeds.
  • Expertise in lead generation.
  • Excellent understanding of marketing principles.

5- Network With Industry Professionals

Last but not the least, you need to network with industry professionals so that you can learn from them. There are several advantages of professional networking:

  • It enhances of interpersonal skills.
  • It is a great way to acquire new business leads especially when you are at the start of your career.
  • You can land on a new job via recommendation from an expert.
  • Professional networking helps to build confidence.
  • You can identify the best practices and industry benchmarks.
  • You can get a whole lot of support and guidance.

Final Thoughts

Search Engine Marketing is a very lucrative career. It forms an integral part of the overall digital marketing curriculum. Use the tips provided in this article to accelerate your career in digital marketing.

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