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How ITIL Is Used In IT Environments July 24, 2017

ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library, which is an established set of guidelines to be used for successful IT management. Taking ITIL courses from the world’s leading provider can dramatically enhance how your business performs. There are five main areas addressed in the ITIL guides -service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation and continual service improvement.


The guides are interlinked to provide an overall strategy for businesses, beginning with the customer requirements and moving to how to implement IT services to meet these needs. Each one focusses on establishing the best practices for your business. Although it is, in some respects, a standardised guide the framework is entirely flexible to suit an individual business’s needs. Here’s exactly how ITIL is used in IT environments.

Improve Efficiency

The ITIL framework breaks down each IT service into a series of components which make the service work. This helps a business to gain a deeper understanding of their services and establish how they can be modified to improve efficiency for the business or their customers. It is also a way of identifying whether the latest software, or best software for your needs, is being utilised. The intention of ITIL is to continually adapt to ensure the IT services provided are continually improving.

Solve Problems

One of the key principles of ITIL is to manage any potential risks in the IT services used by, or provided by, business. IT environments tend to repeat the same processes over and over again and can be unwilling to change their methods, particularly if they feel that this is working for them. ITIL helps businesses to use these repetitive processes to identify the practices which are working well within the business. This will consequently highlight those which are not succeeding, allowing you to make changes to reduce any problems. ITIL’s focus is on delivering the best IT services based on the needs of the customer’s or business. Therefore, any issues relating to usability or unsuitable services can also be identified using ITIL.

Adapt to Trends

The main benefit of ITIL being a highly flexible series of guidelines, instead of specific instructions, is that businesses can constantly adapt to follow the latest IT trends. Organisations are also able to change as much of the frameworks as they would like to, so it fits best with their methods. As each service can be assessed as a series of components, amendments can be made to specific services on a regular basis as new technologies and services develop.
ITIL is a highly flexible resource which is used to improve efficiency of the IT services offered for businesses and customers, reduce problems by identifying the best practices and ensuring that the business continues to keep up with the latest trends in IT. For those working in an IT environment, an ITIL course is an investment which will improve the quality of the services you provide and ensure that they are suited to your customers’, or business’s, specific requirements.

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