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Growing Your Website’s Following With These 3 Tactics June 5, 2018

A growing number of people are making money from websites they have started personally by growing visitor numbers month after month. The money that can be made off of ad revenue can be seen as truly passive income. Companies even target certain websites with large numbers of traffic to sponsor a post on or even add a link to their product naturally in a blog post or article. The more traffic the website has the more that can be earned through these various types of ads via companies looking for reputable publications. Whether your site has been created custom or via a WordPress template, a following can be grown with the right strategy. The below tactics will help grow a websites following in hopes of being able to take your website and make a living.

Create Quality Content On Topics That Garner Traffic

The production of quality content on a daily basis is the most important thing a website can do to grow its viewership. The best websites have a combination of written, video, interactive, and podcast content. This ensures that the site does not alienate a part of the demographic that prefers consuming their content in a certain manner. Research the topics that have garnered traffic in recent months or historically in your niche. Use an analytics tool that takes a look at social shares, reposts, and other signs of popularity. Taking a new look at an old topic with original content can turn your site into a must read for a specific niche. Not all topics are going to be the best so make sure you save the great content for the times the site has the most traffic. This timely posting will allow the site to maximize the time a visitor is on the site and increases the likelihood of them clicking an ad on the site.

Content can be promoted and discussed via social media. The right social media manager can create great comment provoking content whether it is discussing topics relevant to the site or sharing content published on the site. Engaging with followers or commenters on these platforms can earn the site new readers or keep readers flocking back to see if the author has written a follow up post to a hot piece of content.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing does not only benefit brands that pair themselves with successful influencers in specific niches. A site can pair with an influencer providing advertisement for endorsements on their blogs, social media accounts, and mentions in articles they provide for other publications. Finding an influencer that is respected in your website’s niche can do quite a lot for readership of the site. Being able to get your website in front of the right target demographic will show a much higher ROI than if you pay for space on a site slightly relevant to yours.

Finding the right influencer can be done by going to an influencer platform that connects brands and websites with influencers in certain niches. The most engaging influencers that have stats to help show how their followers engage their posts should be priority. There are influencers that have bought followers or have lost the trust of their followers. For this reason the best ROI that many brands find when it comes to influencers are medium sized with a following that trusts them due to them only endorsing quality brands or products.

Create A Sense Of Community

Building a sense of community between the readers of a website was done incredibly well by the team at Barstool Sports. Stoolies or readers of the site identify with those writing for the site and creating other types of content. Video content is used to put a face or voice to a certain writer along with any other quirks they might have. This personal touch can allow a person to understand the point of view of the writers of the site. Inviting the readers of the site to try their hand at writing can generate great content for free. Most people will just want to build their portfolio or show family as well as friends the article published on the site. Selling or giving gear away like hats, shirts, or even stickers can help spread the word about the site as well as help readers identify others who might have similar interests.

Growing the viewership of a website can turn it more and more profitable. Use the above tactics to start growing your site today and possibly turn that website into your main form of income!

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