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Fatal Website Design Mistakes That Must Be Avoided NOW! July 15, 2019

Can you recollect if you have ever visited a slow or unappealing website? Do you remember how annoying it must have felt? Right. That means a website has the power to either make or break a business.

A perfect website is the one which does not only aesthetically appeal to the visitors but also offers convenience to them in terms of navigation and downloads.

When you start designing your website there are, of course, countless factors that you need to take care of. But there certain extremely dangerous mistakes that you MUST not make.

Let us find them out here.

Your website is not mobile friendly

You have put in impressive designing skills into your website to guarantee that it looks and works awesomely. But did you check whether your website displays excellent performance on mobiles? According to data, about 91% of users expect to find the information they came looking for almost instantly and among them, about 60% have claimed to move on to a different website if their needs aren’t satiated.

Your website does offer clarity about your business

The motive behind you designing your website should be to clearly explain your visitors within a few seconds about what your business is all about. In fact, about 46% have claimed to leave a website almost a few seconds from entering it, if they do not understand what the company does.

Your website takes more than 3 seconds to load

Do you know people are most impatient when they go online? If your website takes longer than 2 seconds to load then they will just click on the back button and leave! See if your website is taking longer to load and if yes, then talk to your website designer right away.

Your website is not reader-friendly

For instance, if your website focuses on GMAT prep tips, and the font size is very small, then readers will have to stress their eyes to read. Do you think that they will put all these efforts when they can easily move on to the website of your competitor?

You might not realize, but font size and style of a website contribute to its success. Always remember to set the font size at 14px or above and the style should be Sans Serif so that the readers can read it from both their mobiles and PCs without any trouble.

Your website redirects visitors to social media

Although you might think that it is actually cool to flaunt social media icons at the top of your website, this way you might be losing potential customers. Social media icons allure your visitors to check out your social media profiles and once they get distracted with the whims of social media, they might not be returning to your website.

Apart from all these prerequisites, check for security loopholes in your website to ensure that the privacy of your customers is not compromised at any costs.

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