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Facts and Data You’ll Ever Need to Know about Java Hosting April 27, 2018

According to a study conducted by Optimizely, when a page load delays for just 20 seconds, it leads to a loss of approximately 45% of the page views. Unbelievable! Did you know that a page must load in a span of 1000 milliseconds for it to maintain the attention of the customer? That was a research conducted by Ilya Grigorik an employee at Google. Did you also know that Forbes conducted a research and found out that more than 40,000 websites are hacked within a day? Now you know! If you do not do a proper hosting for your website, then you will be making it so easy for hackers to hack your website. Is Tomcat hosting an application server? Well, we are going to find out this and much more including the facts you will ever need to know about this hosting. So, let’s learn!

Here are the facts and data you need to know:

1. The Success of your Business Depends on the Type of Hosting

Did you know that the kind of hosting you employ can either impact your business either positively or negatively? According to research conducted by Radware, it showed that, in every second of improvement in the website page of Walmart.com, there was a 2% rise in the conversions. Econsultancy claims that, the conversion rates increase by 74% every time a page load time increases from 8-2 seconds.

2. Apache Tomcat and Apache HTTP Web Server are not the same!

Many people think that these two are the same but they are not. Here is the difference. Apache HTTP Web Server produces static web content with the use of programming language C. On the other hand, Apache Tomcat in Java hosting, produces dynamic web content which is written in java.

3. So, Is Tomcat an Application Server?

This question has bothered most of the java developers for a long time. Truth is, there is no definite answer to this. This is because your answer maybe yes or no depending on the angle from which you are looking at it. Most of the people who use it as an application server are likely to say yes. On the other hand, those who employ more complicated servers are likely to say no.

Nevertheless, Tomcat, is the application server that is used the most. It adds the most used services, supports add-ons and plug-ins. This makes the enhancement of servers easy. The server enables users to exclude what they don’t require and use only what is needed. They are also able to install whatever is missing. This why, Tomcat is mostly used as an application server only for web –based applications. However, a standard Java EE app. is capable of doing more.

At the end of the day, java is increasing in popularity everyday. Many business owners are finding it necessary to deploy this hosting. Why? Because it is a unique kind of hosting that has great results. So long as you do the hosting the right way then be sure to expect good results. We hope that you now have your facts right. If you don’t employ the right hosting then your website cannot perform well as expected. Web hosting infrastructure has a big role to play on the success of businesses, yours included!

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