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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Web Design May 2, 2019

Web design is an essential and relevant career in this digital age, where 380 new websites are created every minute. Web design involves the cultivation of professional practices to make a website look and work better. A website that is designed greatly will serve its core function of ranking well in the search engines and attracting visitors. Content is also tweaked to make it SEO friendly. Web design is on high demand as the number of websites grow constantly. It is also lucrative as a prolific web designer can net up to $22 per working hour. Here are some things a web design beginner should know:

1) Grabbing Attention

When designing a website, always understand that people can get impatient if you do not make an effort to grab their attention. A well-designed website should make visitors want to consume the website’s content and find what they are looking for instantly. The average attention span of a human being in this era of smartphones is eight seconds, which means that the content at the top of your websites should firmly capture the reader’s interest. You can ensure this by making use of attractive fonts, base colors, and quality images. Web designing can be quite challenging for a starter, but professional web developers such as Austin web designers can help you create an outstanding website that will rank well on search engines.

2) Browser Compatibility

Always ensure that your designs are compatible with most if not all browsers. You can use browser-testing tools to confirm this. Having a design that will be compatible with a single popular browsers like Google Chrome will not be convenient for different users around the globe who use different browsers.

3) Aesthetics

Just like any other designer, a web designer focuses on the general look of a website and aims to make it look as appealing as possible. A stunning website will look clean, spacious, and inviting, other than being filled with clutter that will confuse a user. Base colors should be used to avoid making a website appear tasteless. However, this comes with a limit. Three colors should be used at most instead of making it look like a painting book. Choose base colors that will match and represent what the website is all about.

The images used should be big and of high quality to make the website look professional. The web font should be smooth and readable. On the other hand, the font size should be neither too big nor too small so that the users will not strain as they go through the content. Simplicity is what will make your website user-friendly. You should use a few features instead of bombarding visitors with too many distracting components that will make it hard to interact with the site. Make use of white spaces in texts to enhance readability.

4) Flexible Designs

It will be essential to ensure that your site will be easily modified and updated in the future. This will be effective in keeping your website up and running in upcoming internet trends and browser updates. A good web designer should know how to write codes himself instead of relying on WYSIWYG editors, which can give your website a poor structure and make it hard to maintain.

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