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Eight Reasons Why You Should Create a Blog December 20, 2016

Are you in your early twenties looking to explore the world and make a difference? Or maybe you own a business in urgent need of advertising and sharing of business ideas? Then blogging is for you. Owning a blog is the “in-thing” now and there are millions of blogs out there. So, you think to yourself, why should I own one? Well, let’s run down a few reasons on why you need to create a new blog now.

It is easy and inexpensive
The main advantage blogs have over official websites is that it is quite easy to create. No need to contact professional web designers who will charge you more. Blogs have already customized designs one can choose from. You may not necessarily need to buy a domain name, there are free hosting platform including WordPress and Blogger, through which blogging can be done. Once you know what your blog is going to be about, creating your own personal blog is nothing close to rocket science. Using WordPress or Blogger, follow the guidelines and you are good to go.

Share thoughts and life experiences
Most people on social media sharing their thoughts on subjects and life experiences are always seen as “jobless”. Sometimes it’s quite bothersome having to write long posts on Facebook for fear people would only scroll down and ignore. Why don’t you start your lifestyle blog today or health blog and share only links to your social media accounts to make your thoughts and experiences seen by the world.

Learn new things
Bloggers are not necessarily the only ones sharing information and impacting knowledge. Most times, the comments on posts and messages gotten from fans are eye openers for you as a blog owner. People would also want to share information as they read. This is the beauty of blogging. It enables interaction between writers and readers.

Improve your writing
Writing blog posts is one of the bravest things out there. As a writer, a blog post can be a channel to put your “writing” out there for the world to see. Writing your blog content occasionally can be an eye-opening channel to improve your writing. Blogs like literaryearth.com, have young writers posting chapters of their books weekly like a series. Start your own blog today and fill up your blogs with contents to improve your writing.

Advertise your business
Use your relevant blog posts to grow your business. Blogging is one of the cheapest ways to advertise your business. Using your blog posts to focus on problems the service or products your business eliminates is a smart way to expand your shop. Make references to your cake shop or coffee shop in your articles to grab more customers.

Make money from blogging
There are several ways blogging can make one independent from a nine-to-five job. Offering proof-reading services, being an intermediary for the sale of books linked to your blog or even pay-per-click. There are so many other ways to make money using blogging. You could also get paid to write sponsored posts on your blog. As your blog grows in influence and popularity, brands might want to partner you as an Ambassador.

Aids in relating in public
Blogging is open to you and the world at large. This inevitably helps you meet different people from various cultures and parts of the world. This aids in your relation to people. Helps you build up confidence because of the vast knowledge you have of individuals. It exposes you to dialectics. You begin to see and reason from more than one angles. Life opens up more to you, and you can then begin to accommodate other viewpoints.

Discover yourself
Writing channels a subconscious you may not know ever existed. This way, you get to realize things you are good at and pay attention to details about yourself. The interaction with your audience would bring out hidden things about yourself you have been ignorant of.

So, bring out a notepad today. Decide what topic tickles your fancy, be it art, makeup, lifestyle, medicine, etc. and create your own blog today.

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