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Costly Pay-Per-Click For Legal Searches Increases Demand For Law Firm SEO April 16, 2019

In a world where everything is online, having a business with weak online presence is not an option anymore. 20 years ago if you wanted to advertise your business, you’d use TV or newspaper ads, or even billboards. Now, it’s all about social media and the digital world. It’s pretty much impossible to find a successful business that doesn’t rely on and use social media to a large extent. It makes sense, too, because it’s where your customers and target demographics spend most of their time. Search engine optimizations (SEO) is probably the most important thing when it comes to your online presence. It’s how you ensure that the content of your website appears to your target audience. But for law firms, it doesn’t always go as smoothly as planned, because not every company can handle a law firm’s SEO needs.

Why law firms are focusing on SEO

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that law firms are shifting their focus to SEO and trying to get to the top of the search engine ranking. Statistics show that law firms that generate over half of their leads online make twice as much money as those who generate less than 20%! The numbers don’t lie; this shows that, as a law firm, you’re much more likely to be successful and make good money if you can reach your customers online.

Statistics also show that the average person checks on average 5 attorneys’ websites before they finally take a decision to contact one. That means you get a 20% chance they might call you, and it’s the SEO that will make a difference if they’re going to contact your website or another’s. Law firms are shifting their attention from pay-per-click legal searches because they keep getting pricier, and they don’t have as much effect as SEO, which truly can take your business to the next level if you do it right.

What should you do as a law firm to boost your SEO?

The simple answer is find someone specialized in law firm SEO. The problem many attorneys face when trying to boost their online presence is the fact that not many SEO agencies out there can provide services tailored to the attorneys’ needs. Visit, to get more information and get professional help explaining how the proper SEO for a law firm can boost the numbers and help the firm bring in more leads, by explaining how SEO done right is a pillar of building any law firm nowadays. You can’t be using the same level and strategies for SEO success like those of an online store, for example. Law firms require a more professional approach that is more technical and reliable.

The SEO agency

As a law firm, looking for an SEO agency that suits your needs isn’t going to be easy, but it’ll definitely be worth it for your business. Aside from the fact that they have to be specialized in SEO for law firms and know their way around legal terms and practices, the agency has to have some other qualifications as well. You want an SEO agency to be completely transparent and honest about their practices. Forget those who’ll tell you that your firm will be the number one target on search engines within a week of hiring them. They’re probably not being honest and that is a level of dishonesty you don’t really need. Look for the ones who’ll give you reasonable estimates and logical predictions over the long term.

You also need an SEO agency with credentials and a proven record of success doing similar work to businesses like yours. A professional company will have no problems showing you samples and testimonials about their previous work, and if they do have a problem with that, then that should be a red flag. You can’t go to work with a company whose work you know nothing about, and you need to make sure that they tailor their campaigns and strategies to the firm, not just going with a one size fits all approach.

Invest in SEO

Needless to say, if you haven’t already started investing in search engine optimization for your law firm, then now is the time. If done right, SEO can take your business to the next level and boost your numbers exponentially. Chances are your competitors are already investing in SEO and pouring in a lot of resources into this, and if you don’t do the same then you won’t last amidst the competition. SEO is what any business needs to ensure they can reach their target audience, and everyone is investing and working on it. Don’t wait too long to get on the train because other law firms aren’t.

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